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April is Support OCR month

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I have money I would like to donate, but is there any way at all, such as a mailing address perhaps, that doesn't involve Paypal or a payment using a credit/debit card? I have none and have no access to any of those methods.

sure :)


If you can't use PayPal for some reason, you can send a check or money order made out to 'David Lloyd' to:

OverClocked ReMix

PO Box 223104

Chantilly, VA 20153

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I've donated $37.84 to the site. How? Well, I just paid $87.84 to mail out the VotL music video contest prizes (now with stickers!), and asked to only be reimbursed for $50. The rest of the money, along with my time as always, is for OCR!

Thank you very much to everyone who's donated this month; it really helps the site and I'm proud that we don't use the money for anything shady like our politicians do. :-D Keep it rolling in, it's worth it!

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I don't really remember what the circumstances were when I found OCR back in 2004, but I'm pretty sure it might have had something to do with Donkey Kong. I was really into DK at that point... I think the first ReMix I ever heard was probably either Blue Vision or Phear the Monkey.

Since 2004 I've lurked here and posted there. I had a stint in UnMod and fell in love with that for a time. Although I probably haven't been posting regularly until 2008, I've always been back here to catch up on the music and the goings-on. Always something going on, you know?

Well, having learned all your names over the years while NOT getting to know anyone here particularly well certainly has it's mixed feelings, but I love this site and what it stands for far too much to pass up the opportunity to help out as I can. That twenty bucks of mine... honestly, I work the family business, and some months I sit and stare at the floor and think, "will this be the last month I can afford to pay my bills?" Times are grave around here, but after paying down a large investment I've recently had enough money to buy a thing or two for the first time in 4 months or so. So... I know a lot of you are able to give more, but don't. And I know some of you are able to give a lot, and you do. Well, by all rights I shouldn't be able to give anything... every dollar I have keeps my family crankin' for another month.

So, from this hard workin' fan, here's my 4-year "Thank You!" and a promise to always do what I can. Because while I'd love to get to know you all better as time goes on, I do work 6 days a week, so if nothing else I'd like to say I helped keep the music flowin'.


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Guys, we are doing GREAT. Also, thanks to all the anonymous contributers out there. There are a few people who HAVE contributed but NOT mentioned it here in the thread. Your humility is commendable, and we definitely appreciate your donations also.

However, don't be humble! I would still like to keep tabs on who is contributing--and in the very near future I'll tell you all why. So please, at the very least, just let me know if you've thrown anything towards the site!

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I'm trying to send money for a shirt (to pick up at a meetup) but the paypal page is completely broken, I keep punching my login info in, and it keeps sending me back to the same page. I'm 200% sure the password is correct, and farther down on the page it's actually got my credit card info punched in already (even though I've never filled out my CC info on here).


Also Larry has been completely unhelpful.

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I just joined the facebook OCReMix group and I saw the post about OCR needing money. I clicked on the thing to read more about it and I decided I want to help. I've been a fan of OCReMix for many years. I joined the Forum because the person who started this thread said something about wanting to know who donated so here I am. I gave $10 today and I'll probably do so next month as well because OCReMix is an amazing thing.

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