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April is Support OCR month

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There should be a counter bar showing how much in pledges you've received so far, just like those cheesy telethons. It would be fun to see how much moneys is being accrued by OCR.

the list is basically a counter bar. i'm intentionally not disclosing the total amount released unless we break 2k.

also, where your donation at? :<

I'm #2! I'm #2!


... I'd be #1, but I think there was a backdoor deal to keep that spot from me...

i don't mind giving up the spot. <3

by the way all. we have 75 people on the list. great work! let's see if we can't rally a few more together! we're still not in the clear for long-term yet!

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Transaction ID: 24A10513H3538434K

It doesn't seem that much with the pound sterling exchange rate being what it is. Pleasure doing business :-)

You see, I wanted to donate, but that meant I had to register too since Jimmy wanted to "keep tabs". I hope there's a "soft warm fuzzy spot" in your hearts for me too.

Edit: bought a hoodie, sound card and zircon's CD too :)

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don't tell me we've run out of donors... :(

18,000 registered members, and we're trickling to a halt. who's gonna step it up? the list of contributers is nothing to sneer at, but this site still needs all the financial support it can get.

order shirts, bumper stickers! throw a few bills in this direction. the person who benefits the most from your donation is YOU :) $10, $5, heck, $3 if that's all you got.


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The month ain't even half over, so keep the support coming, folks - remember, the less we have to worry about keeping the site afloat, the more time we have to focus on improving OCR! EVERY dollar you donate makes a difference; no amount is too small, and no purchase through the AStore goes unappreciated.

Thanks to everyone who's chipped in so far, too! I myself am donating $50 and picking up some stuff through the AStore.

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