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Uwe Bolle promises to stop for 1,000,000 signatures


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Don't listen to that man, he spews cliches and unrealistic propositions.

Actually, Shadowe was refering to the idea that if the movies perform poorly at box office and with DVD sales, then production companies would cease to continue to fund Boll. However, according to the article, since the companies financing Boll's films are German, then under German tax laws, the production companies can write-off the films for tax purposes if the films fail to turn a profit as part of a tax shelter for companies that produce films. (The only restriction is that the production companies own the copyrights to the film.) Thus, as long as his films continue to tank, German production companies can continue to use Boll's films as tax write-offs. Therefore, these production companies can receive a $12 million tax write off for House of the Dead in addition to the $5.73 million in box office sales, residual DVD and home video sales and films rights that can be sold off in a pinch. In other words, regardless of whether or not Uwe Boll's films succeed or fail at the box office, he will still be able to receive funding to produce these terrible films under the current German tax shelter.

The only real way to prevent Uwe Boll from creating more terrible films is to convince game publishing companies from selling their film rights to those film companies associated with Uwe Boll. However, based on his track record, he seems to target game properties with little to no recognition from the film industry at large, offering a promise of wealth and recognition for simply allowing him to own their name on paper. If more game companies were to realize that his films only profit himself and the film production companies he works for in the long run, it would be more likely that they would cease to allow him access to their intellectual properties.

Therefore, the greater the recognition that Uwe Boll is a terrible director and film producer, the better for all audiences everywhere. So, keep signing that petition, everyone!

Truthfully, I think Uwe Boll only chooses videogame properties, because he can't gain access to book, comic, or celebrity film rights (mediums with experience and knowledge about good film ideas).

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So how do Uwe Boll movies hurt any of you? If you don't like 'em, don't watch 'em. Being the avid gamers you are, you should also know that as shitty as his interpretation may be, the games are still great and you love playing 'em.

Crazies like Jack Thompson are far more detrimental to the gaming industry than a lame film director.

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I don't know. A part of me knows that with Boll at the helm, this movie is going to utterly suck. But in the back of my mind, there's this little nagging question...

Boll has been making horrid movies while trying to be mostly serious in atmosphere and mood. This movie looks to be nothing but darker, tongue-in-cheek action humor. What if it actually isn't completely horrid, but instead, is somewhat mildly entertaining (even if it's for the wrong reasons)?

I know the chances are like .0001%, but...

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Second, it's an on-line petition. Those are worthless. They aren't worth the paper they aren't printed. No one takes those seriously. I have never heard of one single case where an on-line petition has done anything except get dropped intot eh recycle bin on someone's email account.

while I agree that it would be more beneficial for gamer's cause if they just stopped going to his movies vs. signing a petition, you overlooked (or didn't know about) one thing:

Sonic the Hedgehog's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Brawl was either in part, or wholly due to his popularity in Japanese and American polls. Sakurai himself stated this in the interview between him and Nintendo Power (its in their latest issue). I'm pretty sure that the polls Sakurai is talking about are of the online variety, correct? It goes to show that enough fans can make a difference.

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