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Last.fm ReMix Previews Expanded, Moved


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I've spent tons of time recently manually reuploading the entire OCR library of mixes to www.last.fm, organized by ReMix ID in sets of twenty so I can manage them better. We went from missing last.fm previews for over 350+ tracks to missing under 40, and some tracks whose previews were broken or only 20 seconds long should now be fixed. The remaining tracks need to be fixed here on ocremix.org first, since most of them are not to standard 44.1khz frequency specification, which we require and which last.fm requires as well.

Furthermore, for usability I moved the previews from the download tab right to the main writeup page for each mix. I really feel like this makes it easier to read about the mix and listen at the same time, and in general should make the site friendlier to the type of exploration we encourage. I'm going to try to keep things in sync and upload to last.fm for each new mix that's posted, which again I personally find useful. Hopefully you will too!

As a side note, this was extremely monotonous work that took hours, but it was made a lot easier by seeing the support we've been getting this month. Thanks!

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They created the user profile of Audix, not the Artist page.

Artist pages are created automatically when people listen to your songs using the last.fm player. It just reads the tags for the songs and artist, and if its not on their database, it creates it.

The same thing happened to me, someone else had already made a user account for Fishy, but you can still edit all the information once you have a random account. I think you can also register your account to the artist page if you can prove who you are.

Alternatively send a polite request to the dude for the account.

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