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pixietricks album - See new thread for remix contest!

Jillian Aversa

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Sorry to double post, but I wanted to let you guys know that all physical (PayPal) copies are now temporarily backordered. They will be restocked on or before June 12th, but if you order in the meantime I'll send you a complimentary digital download. Sorry for the inconvenience... :<

Wow, I guess thats a good thing, how many cd's does that mean you sold?

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Thanks, Dustin!

In other news, "Avalon" (track 9) just won the New Age/World channel on OurStage, and is now competiting in the music finals for a $5,000 prize. OC ReMixer Audix is also in there as well. If you'd like to help out voting (less than 24 hours to go), check out the thread for more details!


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Hey guys, we're sitting here in our new apartment surrounded by boxes of Origins - Jill just got the new shipment today. This means the album is now back in stock and your orders will be fulfilled quickly. They look virtually identical to the first run, and the shrink wrap is a bit better looking, so don't worry if you missed out on getting a first-printing copy ;)

Also, Jill is probably too shy to mention it, but there's some exciting news that I'm proud to announce on her behalf. She has been working with a radio promoter for the last few weeks to spread awareness of the album, something that is normally quite difficult for indie artists without label backing. As luck would have it, the radio promoter is also a label owner with ties to a major New Age distributor, Music Design, and that distributor is bringing Jill into their catalog! This means that Origins will be appearing in brick & mortar stores across the country, provided they stock New Age music, as well as Amazon.com.

Needless to say, we're both very excited for this development, and both the radio promoter and the distributor have a lot of faith in Jill's music.

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News, news! Hope you can make this...

Origins *Live Event* & Remix Contest

The generous folks over at OurStage.com have offered to host a live "PartyLine" event on my behalf this coming week, and I'd love for you guys to be there! PartyLine is a real-time online chat and media-sharing forum (kinda like IRC, but with more stuff), allowing artists like me the opportunity to host private get-togethers centered around news, releases, and just plain old fun. But this one will be extra special for three reasons:

1. EJ Quinn Strassel will be conducting a live interview with myself and zircon!

2. OurStage will be promoting the event, so hopefully we'll see some new faces there.

3. And this is the whopper... By popular request here on OCR, I have decided to start up an official **Origins Remix Contest**. Those interested in entering will be provided with all of the instrumental and vocal parts on each of three songs from my album, from which they can base their new interpretations. I will be offering some great prizes/exposure to the winners... So I encourage you to try your hand. ^-^ Everything you need to know (and download) to get started will be announced live at the PartyLine... so don't miss it!!!

Who: Jillian Goldin, zircon, EJ Quinn Strassel - and YOUUU

When: Tuesday, July 15th @ 8:00 pm EST

Where: ourstage.com/partyline/jilliangoldin (note: the link won't be active until this time)

How: To enter the party, you have to register an account at OurStage.com (assuming you don't already have one). Don't worry; it's quick, painless, and of course free. Once you're logged in, just enter the above partyline URL into your browser's navigation bar, and you'll be chatting with the rest of us! It's that easy.

(If you're interested in entering the Remix Contest but unable to make it to my PartyLine, I will still post a thread here with the info - so you won't be out of luck.)

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Jill might not have gone into the details (yet) with regards to the track selection for the contest, but as I'm working on getting all the audio materials ready for it now, suffice it to say anyone who was asking for remix material earlier will be VERY happy with the selection and the parts provided.

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Just had my music video shoot today! Also at the PartyLine this Tuesday, I will show you guys a bunch of exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures. :D

omg pixie nekkid

i was thinking about bring the lappy along with me, and she pretty much punched me in the face. it doesn't really matter, we've been pretty 'busy' anyways so i wouldn't really have time. i will have a few days when i get back to get started mixing, though, and a month before school starts so hopefully i can get something together.

of course, i'm not checking OCR when i'm supposed to be getting weather reports and directions, of course not.

see y'all in a week >=)

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