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Looking to recruit for an Animal Crossing remix project

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Alright peoples. I've sent a few emails and PMs. If you didn't get one, you need to get in touch with me. If I dont hear from you, you aren't on the project. If I dont' get some updates, you arent' on the project.

This remix project will release when one single man is ready, and that's because he's got the biggest track for this project. When he's done, I will check with everybody else. If they aren't ready or within reason, I proceed without.

If you're supposed to be working on a song and you havent started, I suggest you do so now, with a few notable exceptions who I've only recently talked to.

I wanna see a nice stream of songs coming to me this month so I can prepare for a late December launch (pending any big delays)

Final note, PMs arent' the best way to contact me if you need me. email me.

joecam at joecamnet dot com

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