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My deepest regrets in offending you with my miss use of the English language.

But in all seriousness, if your not an English major you might want to seek help. It can't be to healthy if that is bugging the shit out of you.

If you graduated grade school, you should be worried about making such basic mistakes.

(Yes, I was an English Major)

(Also, it's "if you're not..."

and "too healthy"

and "misuse" )

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Added ;)

Apparently there's going to be a Spore dance contest:

Compete in the SPORE Ultimate Creature Creator Dance Off

Post the video of your best dancing creature on YouTube! 10 finalists will be chosen by EA and then voted on by YouTube visitors for 10 days. You can enter for a chance to win a trip for two to Washington, D.C., and other great prizes! Check out full contest details at the link. Log on your SPORE Creature Creator now and get started! Registration is open June 17 - August 19.

Link is www.youtube.com/spore

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Win a trip for 2 to Washington D.C.

Pro tip: Stay the fuck away from Northeast, Southeast and Southwest of Wash DC. You're gonna get shot...

Northwest at least is presentable though not a whole lot in a way of sight seeing... Just stay around the capital along with the Verizon Center. (awesome time there during the FOSE Convention - work related :3 )

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