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OCR00971 - Final Fantasy VII "It's Difficult to Stand When You're on Acid"


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It has a very you're-being-chased-by-something-that-wants-to-rip-your-guts-out feel.
Good description :lol:

I'm listening OCRemix radio and start a trance music that really make me feel the way above, so I have to register this.

I'm a trance/techno fan (and many others rhythms either), I have many hours of trance in house, but this track impress me a lot.

I read the reviews and seems "It's Difficult to Stand When You're on Acid" don't pleased folks here (even the remixer don't seems to be happy). Sorry for you, this remix is amazing.

People have the bad habit to judge everything like orchestral pieces. This is unreasonable. Obvious a bit of melody and harmony helps, but not in this remix, it's complete. The overall feeling is what really matters. I refuse to bring any technical construction for discuss.

(trance music isn't for bad sound speakers and poor headphones, ears blows up on these)

Grade 10


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This is a excellently constructed remix - each part leads into the next and, although ppl write that it's repetitive, i think the melody changes and fade ins etc. make up for it by adding the variety that the drums maybe lack?!? but it's maybe just me. Overall, i LOVE it! Also one of the songs i look forward to hearing on the cd

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Nevr thought this track could become a trance-hit, the ways of Beatdrop is unpredictable. It may be overstuffed with many noises, instruments, beats and other creations of drop, but then it just wouldn´t be a trance, would it? I wasn´t a big fan for the synth beginning at 0:55, a little too screechie, but I admire BD for making this remix sound like a bossmusic when the original is a funny melody playing when Cloud and the group has dressed up. But clearly my best part is when my the second melody tunes in at 2:17, that´s the best part with the original track. THAT synth I liked very much, mmmyyesss.

GREAT stuff mr Drop.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00971 - Final Fantasy VII "It's Difficult to Stand When You're on Acid"

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