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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff


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yeah man the sourcemod devs really are great they were working together all night until they finally had a working snapshot at 4:30am est which was like 8 hours or so after the update hit

i salute them

Yeah, I was equally impressed. They deserve some rest and a couple of beers for that performance. They were finished before the guys behind Mani Admin even knew it was broke:nicework:

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Dear everyone. Fuck cyberpunk.


That map is a mistake of nature. There's nothing even remotely cyberpunk about it.

I generally just turn the contrast way down on my monitor when it comes up, and maybe unplug my speakers. The trick is to turtle on the middle point for 20 minutes, preferably with a sentry or three, then switch to scout and blitz the other team hard. It's not pretty, but it gets the job done.

Of course, so would just sitting out for half an hour, or taking it off the server.

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why in gods name is that still on your server let me say again CLEAN UP YOUR MAP LIST

tbh now there really are enough stocks to run pretty much all stock maps and maybe a custom or two

thats really all you need and youll have tons of diversity

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Yesterday I played for the first time in a while and the first map I played was ctf_sawmill.

Went Heavy, picked up a German, ran all the way to the other team's spawn and got lost. Followed the Medic down some hole and found the intel...where 2 Pyros ambushed us. Medic died, I got away and ran to the water area thinking 'OK, I'll just run this way to my intel.'

...blocked off.

Turned around, Red team's there. My Medic comes back again and saves my life, trading my death for his and I run like hell some more.

It musta taken me 10 minutes to get from my spawn to their intel and then back again. I have no idea who that Medic was or how many times he died, but thanks!

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I have no honest to god clue if this was linked on this all-too-long topic yet or not (I have too much trouble keeping up), but... I found something really good recently. I wouldn't call it funny (maybe a little), just... awesome.

- Team Fortress: Band of Brothers (there may not be 2, but it's TF2)
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Oh I also like to say, much thanks for the admining while I was gone Powerlord (even if you don't get to read this). Our job is pretty thankless, but I greatly appreciate what you've done, and that you still continue to host the map downloading server for the TF2 server.

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So after some talking and disagreements in #ocrtf2, I came up with this rotation for Tuesday:















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