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OCR TF2: New Server forthcoming - new server IPs and other stuff

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If you want to suggest actual achievement ideas that we can create using the new plugin (when it's finished)...



Backstabs (this can also kills that weren't backstabs)

headshots (Also can track bodyshots)


Revenge Kills

Steam ID

Current Map


so things like team switch and admin slay can't be tracked :(

I know a lot more can be tracked than that. It'd be nice to get a comprehensive list.

Also note: I'll try to name some achievements after regular members. If you want to nominate an achievement for someone (or yourself), get those suggestions in now.

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and im pretty sure theres a console event for dead ringer activated so

paranoiddrone in training: feign death 10 times in 1 life

I think I love you. Even though I don't use the Dead Ringer much outside of Pipeline.

(Damn image limit...)

Miracle: Dominate Miyako, or whatever his name is today.

Right Behind You: Backstab someone 30 seconds after they use the "Spy!" voice command.

Irony: Dominate <member> as a <class he/she is known for>.

I'm Still Not On Your Side: Get Ubered by an enemy Medic.

Oops, I Did It Again: Dominate someone twice in the same round.

Backstab THIS: Interrupt a backstab chain with the Razorback.

Merde...: As a Spy, die to 5 different people without scoring any points in between.

At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass, in the event that an achievement involves me, I'd prefer it to be Spy related. For obvious reasons.

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ach.php?a=This Is New...&b=End a game in a Stalemate.&c=u&e=1205&f=1

mp_stalemate_enable is set to 1 (yeah its a backwards cvar i have no idea why) so this wouldnt happen

sudden death used to be off on everything but hydro im not sure when they changed that but i liked it the other way

Oh, I guessed you Pyro a lot. Since, well, you're the ParanoidDrone.

ach.php?a=I Come In Peace!&b=After winning a round, do not fire a shot during Humiliation.&c=u&e=1212&f=1

ach.php?a=Celebrated Too Soon?&b=Get Revenge on the person who just Dominated you before respawning.&c=u&e=11&f=2

ach.php?a=Seemingly Useless Talent&b=As a Medic, get 100 kills with your Syringe Gun or Blutsauger.&c=3&d=100&e=1907&f=1

you must not play on the server ever if you dont know that paranoiddrone is pretty much only ever spy with the occasional medic

the come in peace one wouldnt be possible fyi and NO BATTLEMEDIC ACHIEVEMENTS

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Oh, I guessed you Pyro a lot. Since, well, you're the ParanoidDrone.

It makes for nice puns, but my name has nothing to do with my class. Paranoid is from my favorite boss in Castlevania:DoS, Paranoia, and Drone actually has something to do with my real name, which I'm not going to divulge.

(I Spy more than anything else by a large margin, btw.)

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Oh, in that case...


Also, just because I'm bored:


Because right now, I'm pretty much a walking target. Anyone got advice on how to be less of a Failspy? Or less of a Failscout?

@Atmuh: I Come In Peace could use a tweak. You get the idea though.

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its all luck


if youre a bad scout its probably because your aim isnt that great so do what i do and play the other classes that dont require as precise aiming

@Atmuh: I Come In Peace could use a tweak. You get the idea though.

no i mean not possible because there are no console events for those things

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I know I'm still new as far as regulars go but still, I wanted to at least try. :-P

Inspired by ParanoidDrone and how he says he gets embarrassed when he gets backstabbed. Similarly, when I get deflect killed I tend to get a bit embarrassed. One of the reasons I don't play Huntsman Sniper as much anymore. I'm ascared to get deflect killed. Also, airblast-to-axtinguisher combos but I put up with those.

EDIT: Another I came up with:


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how could i forget

put away that backburner: kill brushfire with rockets or pipes/stickies 100 times while he's a pyro

and i forgot to add that an extra reason why 100 or w/e needle kills is a bad idea is if you really wanna do that just reset the official achievement thats very similar

oh and fun games last night on turris and bball rambo and brushfire we should do that more often

man im bad

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