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OCR00323 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "La Samba de Agua"


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Love this track, And great job to Mustin with his instrumental capabilities. Everything sounds great in this, from guitar to the harmonica solo. The only downside is that the track's a little quiet overall, but hey, that's nothing to be picky about, it just gives me a reason to kick up the volume :D

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A really relaxing, lounge-y feeling piece. :-)

Mustin does a great job on all the instruments he plays here; production sounds really warm, it feels like Mustin's right there (with a backing band of other Mustins, o'course) serenading you on a beach (or similar seaside locale).

... sweeeet.

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Warm and Lighthearted - 4/5

- - -

I love the feel to this - as stated very cabana-esque! The only faults that I hear are the overall quality of the track, but at the same time the strength of the performance is good enough to overshadow it. Fun remix!

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Completely forgot that SMB3 World 3 was the forefather of the Fairy Fountain theme from Zelda. Epic as hell.

Mustin does a tremendous job with the material here, and on a technical level, its a powerhouse. Effective as synthetic instruments are, I think a mix like this proves just how beneficial and special live instruments are, particularly when it's 100% live acoustic. Though it does show signs of being pieced together and not recorded in the one session, it hardly makes a difference. The live vibe is there, and it sounds great.

I liked the sax and the harmonica lead, whereas other elements veered on the edge of being lost in the back. A close and focused listen really brings those elements out though.

Overall, this brings a lot to a very simple melody. It's catchy, elegant and overall, it has an awesome personality thanks to its intimate approach and live emphasis. Feel good stuff.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR00323 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "La Samba de Agua"
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I'm wondering if that video ever got made! Regardless, this piece is still hanging out on my playlist. Great take on the source, always a pleasure to listen to this smooth tune

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