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Why I can't have nice things.


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I was thinking to myself the other day as to why me, a 22 year-old man, has to abide by a curfew when I have done nothing wrong. Then this article came across my desk today and I suddenly realized why there is a curfew for everyone.

To think I used to work with this guy.

He is in Japanese Pound-You-in-the-Ass prison right now awaiting further removal from the armed services.

I just can't wait for the anti-alcohol related briefings I get to go to this week.

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You know Samus, the porn comment is what I immediately thought.

Ironically enough an 18 year-old dependent can stay out all night whereas a serviceman has a curfew.

2.4 Years I have been here, and not once have I been able to stay out past 0100. Which sucks for me cause there is a McDonalds right outside the gate open 24hrs. and I work Nights.

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Ouch. Only till 1am? What time does your shift start?

My shift Starts at 1500 and ends at 0100. Let the good times roll.

Hmm, I'm starting to think there's more reasons my dad doesn't want to be relocated to Japan than just "low space requirements" and "I'd have to sell my motorcycles"

Motorcycles are legal until winter. After that they are deemed unsafe for the road.

I thought Motorcycles were legal in Japan?

See above comment.

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It's not that he thinks they're illegal, I think it's that he doesn't think he'd have room for them, both of them are large bikes (one of them is Valkyrie, I forget what the other is). But that Valkyrie is huge, it's a cruising bike, and takes up nearly as much space as a small car. I somehow doubt he would be able to get much enjoyable riding out of them in Japan too. Seems to make more sense to just sell the bikes (or give him to his brother to care for) and buy a regular car if he gets stationed over there.

Having a curfew sounds stinky, but I can't really say I'm surprised. It seems soldiers like to get into trouble in Japan, and that doesn't help much considering how Xenophobic some Japanese can be. :S

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