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Sale/Want 3.0

prophetik music

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Yamaha V50 Synthesizer - $150 + Shipping


-Pokemon Emerald - $18

-Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga - $11

-Gunstar Super Heroes - $10

-Scurge: Hive - $5


-Donkey Kong Country 1-3 - $15 each

-Yoshi's Island - $15

-Stunt Race FX - $10

-Super Mario All-Stars - $10

-Megaman X - $10


-Super Mario 1 (Not with Duck Hunt) - $8

-Super Mario 3 (Boxed with instructions) - $18

-Super Mario 2 - $10

-Final Fantasy (Boxed with instructions) - $12

-Hogan's Alley (Sealed) - Make me an offer!

-Kid Icarus - $8

-Dragon Warrior - $8

-Legend of Zelda (With Instructions) - $10

-Zelda 2 - $5


-Fallout 3 (PC)

-Unreal Tournament 3 (PC)

-Cash dollars

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i've suggested it several times, but the management has ignored me (as far as i can tell). i think it could be a really nice setup, but that's just me.

overclocked.net has a great setup where trader ratings (similar to ebay ratings) is linked directly to each forum post. i liked that.


Can you add a want for F-Zero GX?

what system? i don't do research anymore.

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I've got a suggestion, Prophet. Why don't you see if a mod can help you with this..

This thread has loads of pages, and I'm sure the first few posts are irrelevant by now. They've had their content posted up front for sure. So have a mod delete every single post after the OP until they get to another one of yours. Then you can separate the two lists into two posts. First post: sale. Second post: want.

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and with that, bahamut saves the day.

check your permalinks in the first post, people - if it was going to a specific numbered post in this thread, make sure it's still going there. he deleted twelve posts to make it work, so all the permalinks are screwed up.

if yours is messed up, post what it should be and i'll fix it.

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