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I'm Selling a 2nd Gen model of a NES, with about 30 games, wireless brick, and a duckhunt gun with 2 controllers.

PM me if you want more info, it will be gone this comming saturday. I do not use it enough. So, I am selling it to a gaming store for some cash.

If no offers are made before hand, well, not my fault, it will then be property of a gaming store. If you are going to purchase it, and need time to get the money. I will need a definite answer that you will buy it.

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with the gameshop and ill only get $30 for the system, in store credit which is not what I want. I want cold hard cash, Check, Paypal whatever. So this is for sale, make me on offer PM for more details if you are interested. Plus. $30 that's bullshit right there

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Which games are you selling?

Please Note, these are subject to change. They may say "Taken" But they might decide not to buy, and they will become available again.

All Games Consist of the following:


Arkista's Ring

Pro Wrestling

Dr. Mario

Double Dragon - Sold

Super Mario 3. (Im Afraid this one doesnt work, something is broke inside it.)

Super Mario 2 - Sold

Super Mario - Sold

Duck Hunt - Sold

World Class Track Meet - Sold

Castlevania 2: Simons Quest


Bible Adventures


Super Contra



Bases Loaded - Sold


Donkey Kong 3

Top Gun

Dragon Warrior

Tetris - 2


TinyToon Adventures

Mike Tyson's Punch Out

The Legend of Zelda.

Also for sale:

NES 2nd Gen. (Of course)

2 controllers

Wireless Controller Brick.

Duck Hunt Gun

One PC game, which im sure nobody will buy:

Age of Conan, basicly brand new CD key is never used, or anything

Price = $15

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Good news: I managed to sell my Supercard DS ONE with memory card at MAGFest, so you can take that off the list.

I still have my black DS Lite and Supercard Lite flashcart available. PM me for more info and to make an offer.

I also managed to find a copy of Ikaruga for the GameCube, so you can take that off the list too, Prophet :-)

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OK Im selling these games :

for Gamecube:

- True Crime NYC $20

- Animal Crossing (comes with its own Memory Card) $20

- Hunter The Reckoning $10

- Battalion Wars $25

- MarioKart DD (comes with Bonus Disk) $20

- Mario Golf Toadstool Tour $20

for the Nintendo DS:

- Nintendogs Labrador $15

for the Wii:

- RedSteel $20

and for the Sega Genesis:

- Sonic 3 (Game in the box and no manual) $Best Offer

I used to have Sonic 2, but I lend it to a friend and he lost it :(

- Mortal Kombat II (with Game Manual and box) $Best Offer

- and Im also selling my Sega Genesis, comes with 2 controllers.$Best Offer

All games are in excellent condition and really well taken care of. All prices are negotiable.

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Remove FF9 and Legend of Dragoon from my for sale list (ps1) sold them to Gollgagh. Also, take off 300 on blu-ray. I ended up selling it to a friend. I totally forgot it was on here. sorry.

you should probably also take off half-life 2 for abadoss, since I gave him my free copy already.

also, if you could add to the wants area, Magna Carta (us plz), Sky gunners and Zone of the Enders 2 (all ps2) im lookin for those also.

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Hey all,

I want to sell or trade my CME UF8 Midi controller.

Its 88 full weighted keys with hammer action. It also has 9 faders and 8 dials.

Its got aftertouch, a breath controller port, midi out, usb midi and a firewire audio expansion slot, which I have not filled.


Here is a review of it at keyboard mag:


I bought it for looks, played it approx 15 times for about 30 minutes each, and its pretty much been sitting in my room ever since. I bought it about a year and a half ago, and it was 500 usd when i got it. I would be happy to get $350 for it. But we'll see...

It is in perfect condition except for the fact that it is sleek black and so you can see dust on it easily, and so im sure there is some dust on it right now, but not a crazy amount or anything.

I don't want it anymore because i realized that full weighted keys are not what I want. I thought I wanted realism, but what I want now is a more synthy, light-keyed machine.

I am in the market for a Nord Lead or an Access Virus of any kind (preferably one with a keyboard attached as opposed to the desktop module). This is another reason I want the money.

If anyone is interested, I can post pictures or even videos of it. I have the driver cds and ill throw in a usb cable if you want. I have the manual too, and the box it came in. Shipping would probly be intense since this thing is HUGE. But we'll work that out later.


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