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Savior (Lufia II WIP)

Cyril the Wolf

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This piece of music... is epic. I blame Nekofrog for me even starting this. The reason I blame him is becuase he is working on a Lufia remix as well, with plot points from Lufia II. Chills went up my spine as I imagined the scene, and realized that this particular piece of music has inspired me a lot since I first beat Lufia II back 9 years ago.

The original title is "For the Savior" but I decided to simplify it, as this is a dignified piece, tho hard rocking. What do you think so far? Arrangment tips, sample tips? BLAH BLAH, advice? ;) Anything is good. The bass will be completely different, and the drums will be far less raw.




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yeah cyril!

sounds good - lots of energy when the band kicks in

guitar could come up a bit - low end sounds a little muddy with the drums and bass - strings are obliterated when the band comes in

since this is way prog maybe throw a synth with that brass melody (or replace it) when the band comes in - maybe instead of keeping the orchestra around with the band you could just focus on prog for the rest of the arrangement and have the orch come back later - and maybe even push the tempo more when the band comes in

that's all i can hear for now - keep at it

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Intro sounds like it's played with keyboard samples, they're too fast, too even. Cymbals are terribly high-EQd. Crash is too quiet. What do you mean "less raw". The drums need to be MOAR RAW to fit with the guitar, they just gotta be processed better/better samples. Guitar sounds a bit thin, put an Overdrive on it, boost it by just a few dB (boost the overdrive not the amplitude/volume). Or, if you're going for a less "raw" sound, drop the distortion a bit instead.

Sounds promising, tho. Good luck.

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I *was* going to wait until I had another WIP, but I feel its necessary to respond.

When I say raw, I mean unpolished in the mix, the drums are currently not separated into different tracks (I use EZDrummer) so I always do that to EQ the kick for more brutality and to add some subtle verb to the snare. Also, if I have enough tracks I try to EQ out the toms too..

The guitar will be completely different sounding, I recently got Amplitube Metal, and it being dedicated for metal really makes a difference. So that's gonna change.

Question on the intro and answer to a question. I'm using Edirol Orchestral (for you uranai). Now, I know I have two ways to go about it, should I vary the tempo up so that its more rubato? or should I not do that?

Keep in mind that all I want to know is if that's what you mean, if its not then I'll figure out the solution otherwise. Thanks!

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I understand you haven't applied any effects or EQ to the mix yet, so I guess I can't comment on that (for now :P).

However, the beginning orchestration sounds... incomplete. If your gonna orchestrate something, realize that there is a lot to work with, not just a cello, two violins and a trumpet. It sounds very empty right now. You need more than that in order to fill 50s of musical space. The texture doesn't change, which leads some listeners to believe that it lasts too long. Add to the texture, add some instruments, add something that will keep our interest for the entire 50 seconds. Also, on the side; the parallel octaves (well, similar octaves, but they sound parallel here) within the strings sound terrible in this context. They really make the strings sound more like a single instrument, which is the last thing you want for this intro. Get rid of 'em.

After the intro, the music picks up nicely. It's hard to pick up the melody out from the guitar, as they are playing in the same range. Either double the trumpet with something or take it out of that range.

Otherwise, I absolutely love the original song (brings back good ol' memories). I want to here a great remix out of this, and it looks as if this could go somewhere if you work at it. Keep it up!

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Lol, i have Edirol orchestral too and would have never guessed its the same you are using (i need to start working wiht my vst's inestad of getting more and more).

Would you share your Amplitube Metal settings? I use that when I record guitars at a friend's place. I'd really appreciate it.

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Don't wanna start a giant flamewar here, but that was rude. I'm easily 5 years your senior when it comes to being around here, even if I am not a regular. Also I don't think there is a level of music knowledge required to participate in a wip thread.

Anyway...I like your mix so far. Please finish it.

i'm just standing up for my friend who's mix you called non-musical mook

participate with whatever you like around here - it's a great community - but saying that to someone is not a form of constructive criticism which is what these boards are for

now lets just leave it at that

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Let me mod a little:

By mook I think he meant himself, saying he doesn't have the knowhow to crit music in-depth, but says he likes this enough to want Cyril to finish it.

Peco, 5 years senior, you want respect for having signed up ages ago and posting occasionally since? Not gonna happen.

And while I'm minimodding, Neko, you're hardly gonna get much constructive feedback for playing spambot. :P

Cyril, let us know when you update it. That tend to get more feedback than... other stuff.

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Indeed, by non-musical mook I did mean myself.

As for the occasional post on the forum....I always follow the site and spread news about new projects and tell all my friends about this place. I have been an avid fan of all of the works of all of the artists on here. There is more to being a fan than a post count.

But respect is something I am less worried about...it was simply being told off that bothered me. But all is forgiven and understood now, so no hard feelings.

Thanks for posting that other mix of savior...it's pretty sweet. Now to find the vocalist to pull it off. :)

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