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Sonic - Lava Reef Zone Arrangement


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Funky Bass + 5. The bass line starts off the song really nicely and becomes the meaty backbone of the rest of it. Everything just builds off of it. It's really nice.

Nice n' funky stuff here. It has a really nice beat and really gets in your head and makes you want to dance. The guitar bit is really nice.

You've struck again Willrock. Make that 2 songs of yours I'm hooked to.

Again, wish I could give some constructive criticism here... but I can't really think of much to say right now.

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Ok, my new update

Everyone has mentioned loud hihats, so I have turned them down

I have also changed the chord sequence of the second runthrough of the main melody and added another short synth solo at the end to wrap things up better :P

I have also varied the drum part more, since that seems to be a common problem with my mixes, but that hasn't been mentioned here :P


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Ah, another remix of my favorite song from the Sonic series.

Overall, really good. There's room for improvement to bring it up to the next level, but it's still all there. I think the arrangement is interesting and original (despite the particular genre and style being really common), and the bits where you sort of pull back (like at 0:40, 1:45, 2:35, etc.) I like.

My first thought hearing this: is there any way you can ease in the percussion? At the beginning, it's sounding pretty cluttered. It feels like you have to run to catch up to the beat/melody at the start. That's sort of a persistent problem throughout; there's just a lot going on all at once, leaving it occasionally sounding a bit cluttered or rushed, as if the percussion, synth, etc., are competing over one another.

I think the arrangement is still really good, and I don't want to understate that. So the solution to that might be pulling back or softening some of the instruments, and put the main focus on one or two elements at a time. I'd still really like to see this go through and get submitted. KF

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Pad gets a little loud in the intro, and a lot of the instruments could use some high cuts. Slap bass is cool, but it feels a little over-used here (and not bass enough). The bell/e-piano sounds a little thin. Lead is classic Willrock, no complaints there. Might be a little loud, a little painful on the higher notes. Lots of cool effects in this. Snare just sounds weird, kick needs more bass. Saw keyboards might need some volume dropping, but I really like the 80's feel it has so don't you dare get rid of it.

Track is a few seconds too long and a few seconds too repetitive; it was getting old and I was starting to hope it'd end just a few seconds before it did. Close enough. You could solve the repetition by changing key towards the end, or switching some instruments around.

Random crits. This is pretty much what I expect from you, nice arrangement, good drive, nice interpretation... Yeah, good stuff.

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  • 5 months later...

Bringing this thread back from the dead because some shtjdgfgt's didn''t like my mix :P

anyway, this is what I subbed, I'm assuming from rozo's last comment that this wasn't updated before I subbed.

Mix: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?mlx2zozntjm

My Mix being destroyed piece by piece by the judges:


I'm going to update this shortly, I would like production crits please, seeing as none of the judges had a big problem with the arrangement.

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Time to sing the you are an idiot hewhoisiam song! - I did a bunch of listening to the wrong versions...

12-10-2008 last post before today

Today 07:57 AM Willrock, I'm going to update this shortly

mmhokey, anyways.

As far as drums go. If I'm using heavy hats, I also like a stacker cymbal (2 splash cyms hooked together as closed hats, or a small Chinese and a splash for a more open sound) there to hit for my accents. You have something like this on 2 and 4 a lot (sounds like an open hat), but it could stand to be different. I like a stacker because it gives you a different sound than the hats alone. Not sure where you'd get one synthed though, maybe a hi-hat effected from another kit? The volume of your drums is all the same. It needs a combination of humanizing and dynamics. Especally in the bass drum part. I'm seeing 1:40 as the same volume as earlier, but everything else went quieter, drums should too. As well as have the beat change to something more mellow. Meyheps just the 16th notes with little or no open hat and a quieter bass drum there. Then bring back the energy as you go into your solo. Add a few accents or fills before you get back into the thick of it.

I'm pretty sure it's mostly your supporting stuff thats are being talked about in the judges forum. I really hear the slap bass and leads, with the drums; but everything else is meh-tastic. I'm not really sure what you can do about it though :puppyeyes: I know that trance stuff will detune things and layer them, then uses echos and stuffs like taht. That might fatten up some of your background sounds here.

Also, you have realistic sounding guitar with fakie sounding leads. I think for this you gotta go one way or another. They really seem to fight with me on this. I like both of the parts, just not together in the same song or at least as it is now. I dunno really, it might be able to work if you really focus on it, but the guitar doesn't start till halfway through and the leads are already established pretty good.

Anyways, hope that helps


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will man, this is really great. I'm content to listen to it just as it is, but I can definitely see where the judges didn't like your kit--I'd like to hear something a little more acoustically aligned. You should like, PM all of those guys and ask them for specific feedback and advice. That's what I did the first time i sub'd this guy, and it paid off!

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Oh man, this is a really fantastic mix. While I am frustrated that the judges turned it down, it just needs a little more refining.

As far as the actual melody arrangement goes, it's perfect. I absolutely love it. No need for improvement here. The personal touches you added in are fantastic.

I think what you should really focus on are the production values. The samples (namely the drums, bass, electric piano, and synths) sound very bland. Kudos on the guitar, though! :) It sounds fantastic.

And that's it. Once you improve the samples, I think it'll get accepted really easily. The production is really the only thing that hurts it.

Good luck! :) And keep us all posted! You're ALMOST there!

Edit: Oh, and give the mix a title.

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