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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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i dont know, this does sound rediculously awesome, but i dont know if i want to subject my computer to real player. i guess i could have gone through my thought process to myself, in my head, but i need 3 more posts to reach 400, and hopefully get upgraded to something cooler then "lord of the boards" or whatever. but i digress. cool idea, i might listen in eventually

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I'm trying to figure out how to resolve the snubbing of GrayLightning, SeattleOverCoat & SuperGreenX, due to the webstream feed crapping out last night. I could do a show tonight, but I won't, only because some people won't be there, and it really wouldn't be fair to do it that way.

What I'm going to do instead is give all 3 of these mixers more airtime for next week's show. I will be playing an additional track from each mixer, and they have the choice of what work of theirs they want played. SGX's latest release "Tell Me A Story" will be one song, SeattleOverCoat's Super Metroid mix "Norfidia" will be another song, and GrayLightning's Legend of the Mystical Ninja mix "Asian Twilight" rounds out the 3 that didn't make it on the air. I felt like crap for them missing out on their airplay, and I'll be in touch will all of them on what else they want played. For some reason, I'm forgetting if I did end up playing SOC's stuff, but I'll give him the double shot anyway. He's been with the show from the very beginning!

Sorry that the webcast cut out in the middle of the show. The lesson could be said that I should stick more hardline to my 2 hour schedule, but that's bullshit. The Emory network went down for maitenence, and it doesn't happen too often, so this was essentially a fluke occurence. Thanks a lot to everyone who chilled in the chat and called in, and hopefully the phone won't be a pain in the ass next week. Species, I hope you do go forward with archiving this week's show. If you'd like to get creative and insert your voice into the part after it cuts out, that'd be hilarious. "Um, yeah, this is where it cut out and we all cried... :cry:" The tracklist will be put up sometime tomorrow when I get a chance to go back to the studio and get a hold of it. It was a great show this week until it cut out! :lol:

Here's the playlist. The many, many call-ins will be noted once I get the show archive from Species...:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, September 20, 2003 - 10 PM - 12:10 AM EST

1. Satoshi Ise - "Ending 2" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

2. T."Anie".N, Yuk, Krsk, V-Tomozoh, Kan, Apple Z, More Rich, Narinari & Ippo - "Freezeman Theme" [Mega Man VII OST]

3. Star Salzman - Final Fantasy 6 "Let Us Dance in the Dark Phantom Forest" [OC ReMix #699]

4. Dave Wise, Eveline Fischer & Robin Beanland - "Fear Factory" [Donkey Kong Country OST]

5. bLiNd - Donkey Kong Country "Fear Factory" [OC ReMix #1009/Project Majestic Mix Trance (http://www.majesticmix.com)]

6. Kenji Yamamoto - "Brainstar Overgrown with Vegetation Area" [super Metroid OST]

7. Beatdrop - "Cherry Blossom Whirlwind" [Operations]

8. Nobuo Uematsu - "Quad Mist" [Final Fantasy IX OST]

9. Ziwtra - Final Fantasy Adventure "Willed Assault" [OC ReMix #1012]

10. Juverna tries to call in from the Oregon beach and gets hung up on...accidentally...oops [http://members.dsl-only.net/~bullard/candy]

11. Larry hangs up on "God"...repeatedly

12. Adhesive_b0y - Treasure Hunter G "Linoleum Stalactities" (Re-EQed Version) [OC ReMix #1003/http://adhesiveboy.no-ip.com]

13. Beatdrop calls-in for an impromptu interview and discusses the brand new album "Operations", Dance Dance Revolution, the qualities he's looking for "in a man", Star Salzman & food, remixes on the creative backburner, the mixed reviews on his OC ReMixes, fun in Minnesota, his distaste for the name Beatdrop, the creation and subsequent dropping of the alias "Re-Act", games and whether you need to like them in order to remix the music from them [http://www.mp3.com/beatdrop]

14. Larry gets a slew of retarded callers

15. Red Omen - Terranigma & Chrono Cross "Global Control (endblink Mix)" - Omen Rising/http://redomen.owns.it]

16. DCT calls in and discusses his willingness to take any remixing advice, helping Rayza with "Done Dem", his website, and the familial and cultural inspiration for his Super Street Fighter II remix "Jamaican Soul" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

17. Matt Kertz & Ann Stonebraker visit for the rest of the show

18. Syun Nishigaki & Isao Abe - "Player Select" [super Street Fighter II OST]

19. DCT - Super Street Fighter 2 "Jamaican Soul" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

20. DarkeSword - Chrono Trigger "Blue Skies Over Guardia" [ironMix Challenge XVI: Life IS Fair!]

21. Dragonking calls in to say wassup and that "the whole Beatdrop thing killed it; more music, less interviews"

22. Star Salzman calls in to give Larry "some tips on improving the show" [http://www.starblast.org]

23. Yasunori Mitsuda - "Yggdrasil Theme" [Xenogears OST]

24. JigginJonT - Xenogears "Live from the Yggdrasil" [OCR Submission]

25. SuperGreenX calls in and talks about his & McNoods' love for goatse and the creative spark that brought about "Tell Me a Story" [http://www.mp3.com/supergreenx]

26. McNoods takes over and gives insight on the creation of the Secret of Mana mix "Beyond Comprehension", feedback he's gotten, ideas for a Final Fantasy 8 mix, his distaste for his earlier tracks and his MP3.com page [http://www.mp3.com/mcnoods]

25. Hiroki Kikuta - "Give Love Its Rightful Time" [The Secret of Mana OST]

26. McNoods - The Secret of Mana "Beyond Comprehension" [http://www.mp3.com/mcnoods]

27. Capcom Sound Team - "Down and Out" [Final Fight 3 OSV]

28. Vigilante calls in to offer the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders as potential replacement hosts, to let Larry know that the judges' panel gave the previous two mixes impromptu NOs, and to make fun of Beatdrop and Star Salzman [http://www.geocities.com/jesse_taub]

29. Star Salzman calls back to respond to Vigilante in jingle form, swear up a storm, express his love for various food products and plug his website [http://www.starblast.org]

30. Vigilante gets in the last word and the show unceremoniously cuts out [http://www.geocities.com/jesse_taub]

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In the future, when you get prank call-ins, please hang up and ignore them. We don't want to listen to them defecating on your show any more than you do.

Last night was a wierd situation indeed. :) On one hand, I had prank callers. On the other hand, I have remixers & fans who are equally as likely to do prank-style calls (i.e. Vig & the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders). Half the time I don't know if it's anyone from OCR or not. Basically, when you're a legit caller, make sure that the first thing you do is tell me who you are so I know that I can keep you on the phone. I'll don't wanna give off the vibe that I'm going to be squashing calls, since they're fun as hell, but yeah, any bullshit ones shouldn't interfere with the show.

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After chatting with several peeps, I've decided to make next week's show a Double Deuce special. There will be two back-to-back tracks from every mixer I decide to play. Some people will get shut out, so I apologize in advance. For now, the following mixers will get 2 tracks next week: SuperGreenX, SeattleOverCoat, GrayLightning, Rayza, Juverna & JigginJonT.

There's room for more peeps on a first-come-first served basis by replying directly to this thread (see how I indirectly force you to bump it; I'm so sneaky). Simply tell me what two tracks of yours you'd like played. It's your choice, but please keep the requests/suggestion at only two and lemme know where I can get 'em. Updates'll follow as I get more contributions. Thanks in advance guys!

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For anyone I mentioned it to, my financial aid panned out and I was given the additional assitance I needed this morning. :D That means the show will go as planned beyond this Saturday. I finally get to put on the bedsheets I bought, hang up the comic book posters I have, and unpack my luggage.

My sincere thanks for all your support so far for "VG Frequency." Keep the Double Deuce requests coming...

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I'm doing some substitute action down at the station until 12 AM EST. Feel free to tune in. It's a throwaway show, consider it episode #3.5, but if you IM me, I'll do a chat and hang out. Click the link in the sig if you have RealAlternative/RealPlayer.

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Thanks a lot for the bump, Blake, and thanks to everyone who tuned in or joined the chat at some point during my 3 1/2-hour show at WMRE tonight. Even Protricity. Thanks again to DarkeSword for calling in and providing a very excellent impromptu, yet insightful, interview. My apologies if there's no archive of it, but I don't necessarlity expect there to be one. I'm looking forward to having Shariq on the air again for the ReVamped listening party edition of VG Frequency sometime later this year. I'll definitely hash that out a little further down the line.

Sorry to seem neglectful of putting up my playlists. Show #3's list is now up on page 4. Show #3.5's is below.

The mixes of Fresh Baked Remix Challenge 2 will all be played the week after next, and of course, Saturday is the Double Deuce special. Want double the pimpage? Throw me your requests. Like the show? Tell a friend. Seriously. Now here's your playlist. For the show archive, the first 30 minutes or so aren't there, so it starts off with Symphony of the Night:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Wednesday, September 24, 2003 - 8:35 PM - 12:05 AM EST

1. Robin Beanland - "Elevator A" [GoldenEye 007 OSV]

2. Satoshi Ise - "Vigor Force" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

3. Tetsuya Shibata - "Doll Eyes" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

4. Quinn Fox - Final Fantasy 6 "Smooth Alexander" [OC ReMix #893]

5. Setsuo, Tomozou, Sato, Yuko & Kirry - "Boomer Kuwanger Stage" [MegaMan X OST]

6. Takayuki Iwai, Yuki Iwai, Isao Abe, Hideki Okugawa & Tetsuya Shibata - "Rising Dragon" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

7. Masato Nakamura - "Chaos Emerald" [sonic the Hedgehog OSV]

8. Daisuke Ishiwatari - "Momentary Life" [Guilty Gear X: Heavy Rock Tracks]

9. Satoshi Ise - "To The Limit" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

10. Carla White w/Rika Muranaka - "Can't Say Good Bye To Yesterday (Full Version)" [Metal Gear Solid 2 OST]

11. Michiru Yamane - "Symphony of the Night" [Dracula X: Nocturne In The Moonlight]

12. DarkeSword - Sonic & Knuckles "Angel" [OC ReMix #1044]

13. DarkeSword gives an impromptu interview on the OCR submission process, IMC 16, remixing without having a creative spark, games he played back in the day, the OCR judges' panel, his typical level of arrangement in a mix & members of the ReVamped composition team [http://www.darkesword.com]

14. Nobuo Uematsu - "Underneath the Rotting Pizza" [Final Fantasy VII OST]

15. Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 "Snakeman Get Down" [OC ReMix #397]

16. Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki, Setsuo Yamamoto, Yuko Kadota, Kuru-Kuru Chance Iwami, Naoshi Mizuta - "Akuma Stage" [street Fighter Zero OST]

17. Satoshi Ise - "Chun-Li vs. Mai" [Capcom vs. SNK OST]

18. Tetsuya Shibata & Mitsuhiko Takano - "You've Got A Heartache" [Marvel vs. Capcom 2 OST]

19. Tetsuya Shibata & Mitsuhiko Takano - "Capcom Logo" [Marvel vs. Capcom 2 OST]

20. Satoshi Ise - "Ending Theme 2" [Capcom vs. SNK 2 OST]

21. Satoshi Ise - "Fight With the Wind" [Capcom vs. SNK 2 OST]

22. Yuki Iwai - "No More Swingin'" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

23. Masato Nakamura - "Hill Top Zone" [sonic the Hedgehog 2 OSV]

24. Yuzo Koshiro - "The Last Soul" [bare Knuckle OST]

25. Yuzo Koshiro - "The Street of Rage" [bare Knuckle OST]

26. Yuki Iwai - "Breeze" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

27. Masashi Hamauzu - "Blitz Off" [Final Fantasy X OST]

28. Yoko Shimomura - "Traverse Town" [Kingdom Hearts OST]

29. Beatdrop - Super Thunder Blade "Overdrive" [OC ReMix #608]

30. Joe Redifer - Super Thunder Blade "Blue Chopper" [OC ReMix #574]

31. Nobuo Uematsu - "Walls of the Sacred Beasts" [Final Fantasy IX OST]

32. SuperGreenX - "Tell Me a Story" [http://www.mp3.com/supergreenx]

33. Rayza - Sonic the Hedgehog "Green Hill Zone (Freestyle Mix)" [http://www.rayza.net]

34. Baby Quin f/Rayza - "Done Dem (Rayza Mix)" [http://www.rayza.net]

35. Star Salzman - "Chiptune" [http://www.starblast.org]

36. Takayuki Iwai, Yuki Iwai, Isao Abe, Hideki Okugawa & Tetsuya Shibata - "Getting Ready" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

37. Koji Kondo - "Lethal Lava Land" [super Mario 64 OST]

38. DarkeSword - Mario Kart 64 "Party in the Snowland" [ironMix Challenge: Limited Edition: Christmas In June]

39. Wintermute - Final Fantasy 7 "Jenova Rose" [ironMix Challenge X: The Big One (Unmoderated)]

40. Ryu7x - Mega Man 8 "Synthetic Future" [http://rzx.emugenerations.net]

41. Nobuo Uematsu - "The Spy" [Final Fantasy VIII OST]

42. Kazuhiko Uehara & Harumi Ueko - "Player Select" [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV OSV]

43. Kazuhiko Uehara & Harumi Ueko - "Going Up" [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV OSV]

44. Kazuhiko Uehara & Harumi Ueko - "Neon Night-Riders" [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV OSV]

45. Daisuke Ishiwatari - "Feel a Fear" [Guilty Gear X: Heavy Rock Tracks]

46. Yuki Iwai - "Stripes" [street Fighter Zero 3 OST]

47. Hideaki Kobayashi - "The Nearest Place To The Heaven (Part 1)" [Phantasy Star Online: Songs Of Ragol Odyssey: Episode 1]

48. Freemind - Phantasy Star Online "Abstract Feelings" [OCR Submission/http://www.websamba.com/freemindmusic]

49. DJ 3dn3r - Excitebike "Title Techno Phatulence" [OC ReMix #265]

50. Ubik - Final Fantasy 3 "The Dark World (Crystal Abyss Mix)" [OC ReMix #995]

51. Nobuo Uematsu - "Normal Battle" [Final Fantasy X OST]

52. The Pancake Chef - Final Fantasy 6 "La Locura Del Kefa" [OC ReMix #426]

53. Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Masashi Hamauzu - "The Sight of Spira" [Final Fantasy X OST]

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Cool show last night Larry. I didn't get to hear the last 45 or so minutes cuz my internet went down. :( To everybody who wasn't listening last night, you missed the sad guitar stylings of DCT on Baby Quin's "Done Dem (Rayza Mix)".....man I sure feel sorry for you. And Larry, If you're still taking requests for double deuce, I wanna hear 2 tracks by The Wingless (preferably Teardrinker and PearlSong).

-DCT, the Jamaican Pimp Master 8)

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