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VG Frequency: U Love VGM


Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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VGF41 generally covers the goings on from November 14th to 20th. Dark Cloud 2 was a good enough soundtrack where I could use it for the BGM of 2 different episodes. That's about as much of an endorsement as I can personally give it. DL it over at http://www.tzone.org/~llin/psf/packs2/DarkCloud2_psf2.rar.

VG Frequency #41: Separation is Weak

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, December 16, 2004 / 6:25 - 8:48 AM EST



1. Tomohito Nishiura - "Launch!! Space Time Train Ixion" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

2. Nixdorux & Techie Jessie - The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time "Link is in Love" [VGMix2 #2757]

3. Yoshihito Yano - "Brave Sword, Braver Soul" [soul Calibur II OST]

4. Leif Taylor - "Salted Brow" [http://www.shellshockede.com/leiftaylor]

5. Trenthian - Genso Suikoden 1 "Cliff the Great Crusader" [OC ReMix #1268]

6. Tomohito Nishiura - "Spiral of Dreams" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

7. Awesome-A - Turrican 2 "The Desert Rocks vs. Concerto for Laser and Enemies" [VGMix2 #2761]

8. k-wix - EarthBound "PK Trance" [VGMix2 #2748]

9. Sadorf & Sir NutS - Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple Trouble "A New Ray of Light" [VGMix2 #2197 / OC ReMix #1269]

10. Quinn Fox - "Sticky Bomb" [http://quinn.50g.com]

11. Tomohito Nishiura - "Sad Fate" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

12. Satoshi Henmi - "Mewt (Acoustic Guitar Version)" [white: melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance AST]

13. DarkeSword - Megaman Zero 2 "Stranger in the Desert" [VGMix2 #2750]

14. zykO - "The Princess" [http://www.zykomusik.com]

15. Tomohito Nishiura - "Time of Separation" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

16. Christophe Heral - "Theme Home" [beyond Good & Evil OSV]

17. TO - "Planet Houston" [Total War: Ioncross OST]

18. Joshua Morse - Megaman X6 "Amazon Geo" [VGMix2 #2754]

19. Kaijin - "Free as the Wind" [http://www.timsheehy.com]

20. Mustin f/Anthony Lofton - Megaman 8 "Search Me" [http://oneupstudios.com/music/mustin.php]

21. Tomohito Nishiura - "Zelmite Mines" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

22. Disposer & Joecam - "Fine" [http://www.diggidis.com & http://www.joecam.net]

23. Beatdrop & Joecam - "Joe Cam, Bitch" [http://www.beatdrop.tk & http://www.joecam.net]

24. Flik - "Set Up" [http://www.vagstudios.com]

25. The Anti-Jazz - "Serenade in Sweet Blue" [http://www.home.no/koelsch1vgm]

26. Shnabubula - Final Fantasy 9 "Hunter's Community Chest [OC ReMix #1267]

27. Malcos - Street Fighter 2 "Wrestling with Double Bass [OC ReMix #1270]

28. Tomohito Nishiura - "Gundorada Workshop" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

29. OverCoat - Deus Ex 1 "Lost in the City of Lights" [VGMix2 #2647]

30. jdproject - "Elevator Antics" [Crowd Re-Enactment]

31. TO - "Layed Back" [Total War: Ioncross OST]

32. TO & FIDGAF - "The Vatican Groove 2" [Total War: Ioncross OST]

33. Tomohito Nishiura - "Dark Element" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

34. Star Salzman - "Flight of the Leviathan" [Tokens]

35. Protricity - "Cyphonic" [Tokens]

36. Jared Hudson - "A Magical World" [Tokens / Forgotten Times OST]

37. Tomohito Nishiura - "Tutorial" [Dark Cloud 2 OST]

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VGF42 generally covers the goings on from November 21st to 27th. Like I mention in the actual episode (83.3MB / 2hr1min), I plucked the SimCity 4: Rush Hour soundtrack from the official game page, where it's freely available. Be sure to check it out. I really think you're gonna like it. Feel free to get back to me on whether you liked it.

VG Frequency #42: Blabbering to the Brass Stab

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, December 16, 2004 / 3:45 - 5:45 PM EST



1. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "The Universe" Bumper

2. The Humble Brothers - "Metropolis" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

3. OverCoat - Haibane Renmei "Lost Amongst the Woods" [Anime Remix #49]

4. Sefiros - Silent Hill 2 "I Won't Lose You Again" [VGMix2 # 2770]

5. Shnabubula - Front Mission "Infinite Natalie" [OC ReMix #1275]

6. Andy Brick - "Wheels of Progress" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

7. Nasenmann - Interstate '76 "I76 on Acid" [The People's Remix Competition v2-3]

8. Mazedude - Commander Keen 4 "Tuatara Swamp Jam" [http://www.mazedude.com]

9. OverCoat - "Egre" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

10. DHS - The Human Race "Bando alle Seghe" [R:K:O #2487]

11. Jerry Martin - "Bombay" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

12. zircon - "Desperation" [illusion OST]

13. Ziwtra - Terranigma "Reviving Zue" [OC ReMix #1273]

14. Strike911 - "Celtic Trance" [http://www.musicv2.com/artist/strike911]

15. SnappleMan - Donkey Kong Country 1 "Thrash the Plank" [Kong in Concert / OC ReMix #1272]

16. The Humble Brothers - "ElectriCITY" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

17. Crazy Crakaz f/DCT & zykO - "Hail to the Chief" [http://www.joecam.net]

18. TO - Interstate '76 "Dear John" [The People's Remix Competition v2-3]

19. Quinn Fox - Phantasy Star 2 "Boss Uniform" [OC ReMix #1271]

20. The Number Sixes - The Legend of Zelda 1 "Hang Ten Hyrule" [VGMix2 #2777]

21. Jerry Martin - "The Morning Commute" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

22. Jared Hudson - Chrono Trigger "The Frontier" [VGMix2 #2269 / OC ReMix #1274]

23. Protricity - Chrono Trigger "Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia" [VGMix2 #2788]

24. Blizihizake - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Set Sail" [VGMix2 #2361 / OC ReMix #1276]

25. Jerry Martin - "Bumper to Bumper" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

26. Andy Brick - "Deserted" [simCity 4: Rush Hour OST]

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Thanks to Compyfox, Xerol, Species and others for gathering up all of the higher-quality released episodes and Fox for offering up torrents via his page. Check out the stuff over at http://www.studio-compyfox.de/torrent, where you can obtain copies of VG Frequency from episodes #21 to #44.

Ridiculously detailed playlists for everything are always available at my Ormgas.com forums. Please download & help seed the episodes over the holiday so others can get a hold of 'em, and thanks again to Compyfox for all the work in setting this up. It's over 100 hours of stuffs from across the video game music remixing and rearrangement communities, and I hope you enjoy.

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Sorry to be a bit upset now, but I have to clear my mind a bit.


What you do, doesn't work! I'm talking about the offered torrents for the VG Frequency shows. Since the torrents are working (which is since monday night, 6am GMT+1) a lot of stuff came to my ear. Either it was "gah, the torrents are too slow, where is my 120k/s download?! You guys just suck!" or "I have to reload the material again - this is just shit" or even "I can't connect to the tracker?! WTF?!". I can describe this as one simple thing: bitching.

Look... I wrote a very detailed filelist for the VGF shows how you should name your mp3s. You can find it here. If you don't read it, then a complaint doesn't count as we had to do some unifications. (the same happened with OCR btw)

Another thing that totally pisses me off are the leechers. I mean... it was our own free will to offer the files for you. Yeah - for you, the listener. Because we thought we do something "good" for you. And all you can do is "leech the hell out of our bandwidth" which is not seldom limited (I for example can only offer 20k/s up max by 5 open torrents, and mostly I'm the only seeder!), and instead of helping us out getting the files to everyone, we just getting flamed at and the leechers vanish right after they downloaded the files. And I have proof for that: The #40-44 files had 4 seeds - now only 2 (and already 5 downloads?!). And I've also seen four seeds for #35-39 (also only 2 now).

This simply doesn't work, this wasn't our idea and it's especially not fair! You ever thought about that? Yeah I knew you did but I also know that this doesn't interest you as long as you get "your stuff", am I right?

All what I'm asking for are seeders (and of course fair leechers). Nothing more. Even if you have only "one" single show on your HDD, seed it. Others might profit from it and you can get the other shows at the same time, too. And if your bandwidth is "holy", then for gods sake limit it to 1-2 torrents at the same time with like 3-5k/s upload only for each. Even small uploads count in.

We simply can't offer stuff 24/7 as our PCs are mostly our "audio workstations" too where we produce the fine music you're listening to if you come here. So... yeah.

Please think about my words...

*perhaps even as small warning*

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  • 4 weeks later...

Season 4 will soon kick off. I plan on taking a bunch of material from the past 5 weeks of my winter break and doing episodes #44.99 & #45. I've been reminded that I need to do the Duck Hunt: RoFL show still, and that's definitely something I still wanted to do.

Certainly looking for bumpers to open up season 4 with. I've got a great one from Shael Riley in particular that's pretty hot. Keep an eye out for a show a little bit later in the week, as episode #44.99 will be the Season 4 preview show. Hope to see a bunch of you there.

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Certainly looking for bumpers to open up season 4 with.

I need to re-record a couple spots in my WIP bumper... again... but I should have it done on Wednesday or Thursday if you need it for something.

Of course, there is my Purple Monkey Dishwasher bumper. That's ready to go any time.

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Lar-ry! Lar-ry! Lar-ry! Lar-ry! Lar-ry! Lar-ry! Lar-ry!


Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared for yet another season of corny jokes, nutty call-ins, "Larry looks like Ghandi," bitching about the stream, and "Larry the high-class Latin pimp!"

Not to mention the "Larry, take off your shirt!" requests :roll:

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As with VGF#29.99 (which is available as torrent btw., please look at page 1 for the link), Larry won't do any calls. This is more or less a "review" show. A review of the last season, but also a pre-"season 04" show. (aka. bonus)

So stay tuned for 2 hours of fine music. The "best of VGF Season 03"

*And yeah we know that the RM stream is still not fixed - you don't need to remind us. ;)*

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Thanks very much to all of those who tuned in tonight for a great show covering a bunch of material from the last 6 weeks while I was away. The other half of the winter break material will mostly by covered by this coming Saturday's show, so be sure to be check it out.

Many people were asking where the original game music for tonight's show came from. My bro, Kaleb Grace, has been running the Song of the Week contest over at the GamingForce Audio forums, spotlighting more obscure but quality original and arranged video game music. Sample 13 weeks worth (39 tracks) of excellent VGM over at SongOfTheWeek.info, and keep an eye out for Week 14's results over at SotW and on VGF itself.

Check out the playlist over at Ormgas.com and leave comments. The 3hr/125MB show is available alongside the night's chat transcript of #VGF. More good stuff is headed your way this weekend for the official premiere of VG Frequency: Season 4. Hope to see you there!

VG Frequency #44.99: Zombo Everybody, Zombo Everything

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, January 20, 2005 / 10 PM - 1:02 AM EST



1. Rayza f/Liontamer - VG Frequency "Number One Host" Bumper

2. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Invitation" [Gradius III OST]

3. Beatdrop - SaGa Frontier 1 "V-MAX Engaged" [VGMix2 #2916]

4. Steve Root - "Wall Street" [Die Hard 3 (Die Hard Trilogy) OST]

5. Crazy Crakaz (Disposer & Joecam) - Alien Hominid "The Invasion" [shonen Samurai's OneUp Studios Alien Hominid Remix Contest / VGMix2 #2926]

6. Captain Tortilla - "Aristophanes" [Cold]

7. Captain Tortilla - "Breakfast in Sweden" [Cold]

8. Mythril Nazgul - Doom 1 "The Man Alone" [VGMix2 #3021]

9. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Departure for Space" [Gradius III OST]

10. Gradius Symphonic Orchestra - Gradius 1 "Gradius Fantasia" [Gradius Fantasia AST]

11. bLiNd - "The Last Hymn" [http://www.thebrailroom.com]

12. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Dead End Cell" [Gradius III OST]

13. Ashane - Ninja Gaiden 2 "Ninjascape" [Dwelling of Duels: Free Month (December 2004) / VGMix2 #3081]

14. Sefiros - Final Fantasy 9 "To Be Forgotten is Worse Than Death" [VGMix2 #3064]

15. OverCoat - "The Waitress" [ubo's Restaurant]

16. Michiel van den Bos - "Snowscapes" [Age of Wonders OSV]

17. Ichitootah - "Dancing with Delay" [Original Remix Competition 12]

18. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Aqua Illusion" [Gradius III OST]

19. zyko - "zombo" [zombo]

20. zyko - "Munchies" [zombo]

21. Ubik - "Tsumitsuki" [The Owl in Daylight]

22. Yoko Kanno - "Southern Twilight ~ Dance on a Cape of Good Hope" [uncharted Waters II Special Edition OST]

23. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Sand Storm" [Gradius III OST]

24. Star Salzman - Bionic Commando "Advance with Caution" [VGMix2 #2974 / OC ReMix #1302]

25. Gwilym Wogan - "vox pop a (jeah right mix)" [the meinpenis zeitgeist]

26. Kohei Tanaka - "Wind that Spans the Earth" [Alundra OST]

27. Reuben Kee - Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2 & Metal Gear Solid 3 "Legend of the Snake" [VGMix2 #2851]

28. CarboHydroM - Street Fighter 2 "The Nine Tails Fox and the Avenger" [Dwelling of Duels: Free Month (December 2004) / VGMix2 #3061]

29. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "In the Wind" [Gradius III OST]

30. OverCoat - Seiken Densetsu 3 "Path-ology" [VGMix2 #3041]

31. NoWave - "Nevada-tan" [invisible]

32. Christian Pacaud - Chrono Trigger "Alone at the Bottom of Night" [VGMix2 #2696]

33. Paragon - Secret of Mana "Iridescent Memories" [Dwelling of Duels: Free Month (December 2004) / VGMix2 #3053]

34. qaid - "and then there was one" [cork music]

35. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Cosmo Plant" [Gradius III OST]

36. kLuTz - "Warmth" [http://klutz.vgmidi.com]

37. Naoki Kodaka - "Main Theme 2" [Albert Odyssey Gaiden ~ Legend of Eldean OST]

38. OverCoat - "The Talking Rat" [ubo's Restaurant]

39. BrainCells - Axelay "The Path to Hell - Lake of Fire" [VGMix2 #3044]

40. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Final Shot" [Gradius III OST]

41. Quinn Fox - Megaman 2 "Oxygen Flare" [VGMix2 #3135]

42. Gwilym Wogan - "vox pop d" [the meinpenis zeitgeist]

43. Israfel - Lagoon "Some that Have Deeper Digg'd Love's Mine than I" [The People's Remix Competition v2-6 / VGMix2 #3042]

44. Shnabubula - Castlevania Chronicles "Mucho Dollar Care a Junk CIA" [OC ReMix #1289]

45. The C64 Mafia - The Forbidden Forest "Don't Go Walking Slow" [R:K:O #2524]

46. Lie Mf B - Megaman 3 "Got My Dope from the Needle Man" [sex, Drugs n' Nintendo / VGMix2 #3130]

47. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Mechanical Base" [Gradius III OST]

48. Kazuki Muraoka, Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko & Yukie Morimoto - "Game Over" [Gradius III OST]

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Just as reminder:

VGF Season 04, Episode #45 starts today, 10pm EST (Atlanta, GA) - which will be in a couple of minutes.

For our "worldwide listeners" in other timezones:

Canada (Calgary): 8pm (saturday)

Los Angeles, CA: 7pm (saturday)

England (London): 3am (sunday)

Germany: 4am (sunday)

Japan (Tokyo): 12pm (sunday, midday)

Have fun while listening. ;)

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Wow, I thought for sure you were going to open up season 4 with Shael's bumper, not mine. His does have a bit more of the constant RoFL factor, although I suppose I had the advantage of making a bumper that only works in the beginning while his can fit anywhere. Honorific.

Oh, and speaking of RoFL...

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Compyfox is seeding both VGF44.99 & VGF45 together over at the VGF Torrent page, so I encourage you to please pick up the episodes that way and seed them if you can.

Sorry for the wait on the playlist, chat log & MP3 (199MB/4hr50min). Pretty busy over here and so forth. Thanks to everyone who called in and those of you who stuck around to catch the full show especially. VGF44.99 & VGF45 couldn't literally cover everything I would have played in the last 6 weeks if I had been on the air at that time, but I hope I provided a fairly good representation of what came out.

Props to Flik for providing the name of this week's ep as he signed off the air. Ha! Same time next week, boyz and/or girlz.

VG Frequency #45: Touching My Soul with Your Manhood

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Saturday, January 22, 2005 / 10:15 PM - 3:05 AM EST

Liontamer f/Xerol Oplan, Compyfox, Daniel Baranowsky, Leifo, Flik & SgtRama


1. CHz f/Liontamer & D-Lux - VG Frequency "Glimmering Facade" Bumper

2. Kazunori Miyake & The New Japan Philharmonic - Resident Evil 1 "Special End Title" [bio Hazard Orchestra Album AST]

3. Capcom Sound Team - "Pints and Punks" [Final Fight 3 OST]

4. Taika - Shining in the Darkness "Down in the Dungeon Just Creatures and Me" [OC ReMix #1301]

5. DJ Potatoe f/The Crazy Crakaz - "Funk Out" [The DJ Potatoe Super Collection]

6. Ellywu - Chrono Trigger "Soaring Across Eternity" [VGMix2 #2910]

7. Corran - Megaman X6 "Forest of Shadows" [VGMix2 #3092]

8. Big Giant Circles - Metroid 2 "Anthem of a Metroid Hunter" [OC ReMix #1291]

9. Capcom Sound Team - "Smeared Graffiti" [Final Fight 3 OST]

10. Xerol Oplan goes over aspects of the in-progress Final Fantasy Tactics Remix Project, rough plans for Xerol's Quest, prospective remix submissions for OC ReMix including a resubmission of Final Fantasy II "Peace and Pandemonium" as well as a Final Fantasy X piano mix, plans for a Washington, DC OCR get-together, and the very practical reason for the creation of the FFT Remix Project [http://www.lggaming.com]

11. Fatty Acid - Final Fantasy 1 "Matoya no Fuuketsu" [VGMix2 #3150]

12. Darangen - Lufia 1 "Hero's Solace" [VGMix2 #3095]

13. Kevin Lau - Final Fantasy 7 "Aeris Lives" [OC ReMix #1295]

14. kLuTz - "A Fresh Start" [http://klutz.vgmidi.com]

15. OverCoat - "Boyhood Wish" [ubo's Restaurant]

16. Ziwtra - Final Fantasy Adventure "Gifts of Mana" [OC ReMix #1303]

17. Capcom Sound Team - "Law and Disorder" [Final Fight 3 OST]

18. Compyfox braves a cold as he calls in really, really (really) early in the morning from Germany to plug the VG Frequency torrent collection, his post-production work for the SoundTempest original thematic album "Aura & Omen" (as well as Trenthian's OC ReMixes), a tentative release date for Aura & Omen, and a request for copies of older VGF episodes [http://www.studio-compyfox.de]

19. BT & Jan Johnston f/SuperGreenX - "Communicate (SGX Mix)" [http://www.supergreenx.com]

20. DarkeSword - Metroid Prime 2 "Torvus Clockwork" [VGMix2 #3124]

21. Shael Riley - VG Frequency "Reaching Out To The Ethnics" Bumper

22. Gwilym Wogan - "then she realises it's midnight and she's locked herself out" [the meinpenis zeitgeist]

23. Captain Tortilla - "Oblivion Hunter Zee" [Cold]

24. zircon - "Arsenal" [http://www.zirconstudios.com]

25. Capcom Sound Team - "Explosive Situation" [Final Fight 3 OST]

26. "Uncle Martin" from Joisey reminds Larry not to forget his family before revealing himself as the street smart Daniel Baranowsky; Dan's clears up the confusion for those out there who thought he was Beatdrop, and proceeds to profess his...um...affection for Aurora before telling some classy jokes, mentioning his new website, quoting Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, singing Katamari Damacy's "Lonely Rolling Star", disavowing knowledge of [censored], and asking Larry to be more proactive on controversial issues [http://www.therighteous.net]

27. Star Slazman - Xenogears "Odin's Wrath" [VGMix2 #3080]

28. zykO - Crack Down "4:20 AM" [OC ReMix #1294]

29. Ziwtra - Soukaigi "Aftershock" [OC ReMix #1284]

30. The Fat Man & Team Fat - Wing Commander 1 "Wing Theme Surf" [OC ReMix #1296]

31. Capcom Sound Team - "Heavy Hitters" [Final Fight 3 OST]

32. Leifo's trapped in Joisey under a foot and a half of snow, but he's coasting and goes over how easily his latest original "Enter My World" came together, along with some talk on other material out on both Leifo.com & bLiNd's TheBrailRoom.com, "In the Distance" appealing to the ladies, and hunkering down in the blizzard with a 24-pack [http://www.leifo.com]

33. Kentarou Haneda - Sorcerian "Where We Meet ~ Underworld ~ The Dark Swamp" [symphony Sorcerian AST]

34. GrayLightning - Chrono Trigger "Sacratus Bellator" [OC ReMix #1288]

35. Israfel - Pac-Man 1 "Glass Cage" [VGMix2 #3065]

36. po! - My Neighbor Totoro "totoro's groove" [http://www.wushuplaya.com]

37. Capcom Sound Team - "For Metro City" [Final Fight 3 OST]

38. Flik is in full Detective mode as he prepares to record part 2 of his self-produced audio drama series "The Detective", but he stops to reminisces on the brief glory of his Zelda 3 mix "Kakariko Prom" and the lengthy misery of everything going wrong over at North Dakota's Fox affiliate station KVRR earlier in the week ("King of the Hill - Tonight at 5:30 on FOX!"), along with the inactivity of his website; "Damn that Dr. P!" [http://www.vagstudios.com]

39. Joshua Morse - Parasite Eve 1 "Mitochondriatic Phase" [http://www.joshuamorse.com]

40. Shnabubula - "Naughty Oaf Isle" [P Senior]

41. Suzumebachi - "Industry of Paradox" [http://www.liquidhive.tk]

42. EgM - Golden Sun "Sol Sanctum Guitar" [VGMix2 #3028]

43. Philip Ulrich & Stéphane Picq - "Wake Up" [Dune Spice Opera: Exxos OST]

44. Capcom Sound Team - "Inner Sanctum" [Final Fight 3 OST]

45. "Grandpa Joe" is suffering some interesting ailments, so enjoy his senile antics as he acts all crotchety [http://www.therighteous.net]

46. Trademark f/RichBRF & Binster - "Burn (Fire Escape Mix)" [http://www.brfuk.com/rich & http://www.abandonedsheep.com]

47. jdproject - "Wake Up" [The Ken Song EP]

48. Leifo - "Enter My World" [http://www.leifo.com]

49. Capcom Sound Team - "Straight to the Top" [Final Fight 3 OST]

50. SgtRama pitchs ideas for pr0n; the upcoming Duck Hunt: RoFL show was brought up, but let's not forget the real selling point of this call: "Pirate Dick" & "Dick on Dick Action"; Yarrrrr, matey! [http://sgtrama.no-ip.com]

51. Captain Tortilla - "Stay Frosty" [Cold]

52. TO - Lagoon "Tropic Lodge Lagoon" [The People's Remix Competition v2-6]

53. Malcos - "You Cannot Have Both of Us" [http://urbanizm.thebigshot.com]

54. The C64 Mafia - "I'd Like to Be Your Enemy" [R:K:O #2552]

55. Dale North - Super Hang-On "Outride a Crisis" [The Very Best of Sega]

56. Capcom Sound Team - "Down and Out" [Final Fight 3 OST]

57. po! & zykO - Metal Gear 1 "Venom" [VGMix2 #2930]

58. goat - CastleVania 3 "Kick That Sinking Feeling" [unchosen Paths / Dwelling of Duels: Free Month (December 2004) / VGMix2 #2660]

59. Ryan8bit - King's Quest 5 "Forlorn Dream" [Dwelling of Duels: Free Month (December 2004) / VGMix2 #3068]

60. Capcom Sound Team - "Sunny Skies" [Final Fight 3 OST]

61. Capcom Sound Team - "Free and Clear" [Final Fight 3 OST]

62. CHz f/D-Lux - VG Frequency "Purple Monkey Dishwasher (Take 2)" Bumper

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I stopped the torrent due to a bug I found while listening to the files. Please stop your torrent download, delete the #VGF45 show and try it again (including redownloading the torrent file) in 30minutes.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Files back up and running. Like I said, #VGF44.99 is untouched, please delete #VGF45 as the bug (glitch) was in there.

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