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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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Aight, let's post crud. Still have to do make-up shows for #33-#37 & #39. That'll happen eventually. Sorry for the delay on the release of this one. Lots of stuff going on.

VG Frequency #38 Log

VG Frequency #38 MP3 (115MB/2hr48min)

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, October 30, 2004 / 10:05 PM - 12:53 PM EST

1. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "The Universe" Bumper

2. Yoko Shimomura - "Memory" [Parasite Eve OST]

3. analoq - Count Duckula "duckypoos" [The People's Remix Competition: Animation Halloween 2004]

4. Theophany - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask "Time's End" [VGMix2 #2601]

5. Alexander Prievert - Legend of Mana "Morphland" [VGMix2 #2593]

6. Yoko Shimomura - "Arise Within You" [Parasite Eve OST]

7. DarkeSword's hitting the books but has time to lay out the info on his new Megaman X4 mix "The Father of All", the origins of the now-infamous DarkeSword sax sample, progress and details on the Kirby's Adventure Remix Project, ideas on a future Zelda Dungeon project that would reach through the whole game music remix community, the need for some happy-go-lucky remixes, Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation, and trying to reach the fanbase of game series fans who don't know about remixes including RPGamer's Sound Test [http://www.darkesword.com]

8. Jeremy Robson - Final Fantasy 7 "Philharmonic Suite: Finale" [OC ReMix #1260]

9. BrainCells - Thunder Force 3 "Metalon" [VGMix2 #2566]

10. Carbunk1e - Naruto "Psyku" [The People's Remix Competition: Animation Halloween 2004]

11. Yoko Shimomura - "Sotto Voice" [Parasite Eve OST]

12. SgtRama is excited as shit about Duck Hunt: Repercussions of Fowl Lamentation (!), so he discusses how he & Suzumebachi saved Protricity's joke project from falling by the wayside, the amazing debut of ChloroPhil, making some track cuts, the pending release of the RoFL Plutonium Edition, along with some hot extras like the DVD case idea, the question of why there weren't any Duck Hunt sequels, and the genius that IS Doug Arley [http://sgtrama.no-ip.com]

13. MaJIN_SaN has plans for a Super Hydlide in a few months, has issue with how similar a lot of the new remixes coming out are, wants to challenge DCT for a freestyle competition, talks about how he studies other artists and styles to improve his music game, and being ready to rap battle [http://www.angelfire.com/magic/muumuu_dashiki.com]

14. Dale North - Witch Hunter Robin "Close Your Eyes" [The People's Remix Competition: Animation Halloween 2004]

15. Jeremy Robson - Megaman 7 "Shademan: A Symphonic Poem" [The People's Remix Competition 26]

16. Beatdrop - VG Frequency "Lose His Mind" Bumper

17. mp & Beatdrop - "Fornever (Dain's Edit)" [http://www.beatdrop.tk & http://mp.vgmix.com]

18. Yoko Shimomura - "Out of Phase" [Parasite Eve OST]

19. zircon's in the college hunt and describes how that's been, along with fan reactions to his Unknown collab "When All Hope Has Faded", the hold-ups on the new design for SoundTempest, the in-progress SoundTempest thematic album, upcoming remix projects, Duck Hunt: RoFL, Larry as Queen Caramella, and collabing with Digital Coma [http://www.zirconstudios.com]

20. "Nathan Lee Cunningham III" pours his heart out to his soulmate [http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/queencaramella]

21. Another secret admirer of Lawrencia's likes the pointiness of her bust [http://sithlord-aku.deviantart.com]

22. The show continues to turn into Queer Eye as drunk Emory students call in looking for Queen Caramella somewhere over the rainbow

23. Bladiator - Super Mario World 1 "Grand Valse Mario" [VGMix2 #2562]

24. ArseAssassin - Resident Evil 3 "Safe Place?" [http://www.mikseri.net/artistit/?id=28953]

25. Darangen - Final Fantasy 6 "Forsaken World" [VGMix2 #2525]

26. Ghetto Lee Lewis - Megaman 7 "Journey into Shadow" [The People's Remix Competition 26]

27. Yoko Shimomura - "Memories of Aya and Eve" [Parasite Eve OST]

28. zykO - Diablo 1 & Diablo 2 "Of Futility and Hope" [VGMix2 #2611]

29. Rayza f/Paige - VG Frequency "Scary Larry" Bumper

30. Michael Jackson VS Rayza - "Thriller (Bad Boy Beat Mix)" [http://www.rayza.net]

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From what I've listened of your show, Larry, I rather enjoy it. You have a quirky sense of humor which matches up pretty well with the style of music you are going for.

I go to the Savannah College of Art & Design myself and host a VGM show myself entitled Do the Mario! (Saturdays from 6-8 PM) and would love to call into your show sometime. Keep up the good work and keep on remixing!

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Today is VGF #29 from 5:55 - 9:55 PM EST, so head over to Ormgas to check it out and follow along with the playlist. Join #ormgas on IRC/EntertheGame (irc://irc.enterthegame.com/ormgas) to chat it up.

VGF29 features one track from each episode of VG Frequency's first season. No call-ins to distract from anything, and you get background on each track in the series. 4 hours of nothing but music and info. Please enjoy!

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On this late night as I chill around Emory for Thanksgiving break, I have the opportunity to do a bunch of the retroactive shows I had planned. To start making up for the 8 weeks I missed, I'll be doing at least one show on on each day for the rest of the week. Whatever I don't get done with now will be done arouind finals time.

First on the chopping block is VGF #33 sometime Wednesday afternoon, covering activity in the community from September 18th through the 25th. Yeah, it's fucking late. What do I care? I'm on break. And YES, I would start earlier, but the 12-2 AM DJs are coming in. Before you start going, "Bah, September is old shit", let's show you what we got on tap, since it's all ready. It's quality shit:

1. Rayza f/Liontamer - VG Frequency "Number One Host" Bumper

2. Yumiko Kanki - "Opening Theme" [F-Zero OST]

3. The Unsound Method - "I'm Psychic" [http://lobachevsky.homelinux.net/~sriley]

4. Awesome-A - Apprentice "The Sadness" [AMIGAremix #120]

5. tefnek - "warm sky" [http://www.tefnek.com]

6. Yumiko Kanki - "Silence" [F-Zero OST]

7. zykO - VG Frequency "Keep It Real" Bumper

8. zykO - "gravity" [bipolar me]

9. Christian Pacaud & Joecam - "Lost Without" [http://www.soundclick.com/christianpacaud & http://www.joecam.net]

10. Binster - Gauntlet 3 "Blue Wizard is About to Die" [VGMix2 #1941]

11. Joshua Morse - Double Dragon 3 "J! Groove" [VGMix2 #2365]

12. Yumiko Kanki - "Red Canyon" [F-Zero OST]

13. Darangen - Chrono Trigger "The Fall of Zeal" [VGMix2 #2316]

14. Sefiros - Final Fantasy 7 "The Planet Weeps" [VGMix2 #2077]

15. JAXX - "Life of Wind" [http://www.trulyradical.com]

16. zykO - "aurora" [bipolar me]

17. Yumiko Kanki - "White Land I" [F-Zero OST]

18. smh vs. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Major Lesbians" Bumper

19. Kailem - "Desert of No-Place" [http://tenoranges.zor.org]

20. Shnabubula - Final Fantasy 9 "JAZZ PIANO" [VGMix2 #2273]

21. Freemind - "Melancholy 3" [Melancholy]

22. Kevin Stephens & Patrick Waters - Fire Emblem 1 "Etude for Piano in F# Minor" [OC ReMix to-be-posted]

23. Yumiko Kanki - "Fire Field" [F-Zero OST]

24. Blak Omen - VG Frequency "Best In Chinatown" Bumper

25. Reuben Kee - "A Hero Enters" [immortals: The Heavenly Sage OST]

26. SuperGreenX w/Aurora - "Deep Breath" [http://www.supergreenx.com & http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~umfisico]

27. Yumiko Kanki - "Port Town" [F-Zero OST]

28. Junichi Nakatsuru - "Unwavering Resolve" [soul Calibur II OST]

29. Yasuhisa "Yack" Watanabe - "Doubt" [Metal Black: The First]

30. Kevin Riepl - "Hyperblast Redux" [unreal Tournament 2004 OSV]

31. Naoto Ishida - "Big Blue" [F-Zero OST]

32. OverCoat - VG Frequency "Makes Me Question" Bumper

33. Joshua Morse & po! - "Bean Love" [evolve]

34. Awesome A - X-Out "New Highscore" [AMIGAremix #131]

35. BrainCells - Megaman 1 "CutMetal" [VGMix2 #2245]

36. Yumiko Kanki - "Mute City" [F-Zero OST]

37. BrainCells - Super C "Against the Rest" [VGMix2 #2320]

38. JigginJonT - VG Frequency "Be As One" Bumper

39. Bladiator - Chrono Trigger "Woman in a Black Dress" [VGMix2 #2343]

40. SuperGreenX - "Composer" [http://www.supergreenx.com]

41. Lloyd Banks, Eminem, Nate Dogg & 50 Cent f/DCT - "Warrior, Pt. 2 (Resilience Mix)" [http://www.thebigshot.com]

42. DCT & GrayLightning - Astyanax "Journey to Remlia" [VGMix2 #1460]

43. Yumiko Kanki - "Select Time Theme" [F-Zero OST]

44. Yumiko Kanki - "Zoom" [F-Zero OST]

45. Yumiko Kanki - "Lost Life" [F-Zero OST]

So, be there if you can and ruin your sleep schedule. Webstream or no webstream, listeners or no listeners, I owe it to the principle of my show to get these make-up shows complete and released. Hope to see your around for some of them. At least #34-#36 are coming every day throughout the rest of the week followed by #42 on Saturday. Yeah, don't try and think too hard about it...

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So I've got VGF #33 all done. Hope to get up later tonight and do #34. Again, the webstream went down this morning, so these'll all be done sans internet audience. Frankly though, it makes the editing a LOT easier/quicker with no call-ins, so I suppose I can't complain about that.

For memories sake, here's a copy of the chat transcript when VGF #33 was originally cancelled! And while it's mostly me talking to myself, here's the current chat transcript for today's retro episode.

This ep clocked in at 2 1/2 hours and 105MB, so enjoy. The playlist is available on the previous page, and at my Ormgas.com forum.

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VGF #34 generally covers the goings on from Sept. 26th to Oct. 2nd. You can also check out the playlist at my Ormgas.com forum and leave comments. Holler if you'd like a copy.

VG Frequency #34: Inferiority Complex (She Likes a Turkey)

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

Thursday, November 25, 2004 / 11 PM - 1:10 AM EST



1. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "WMRE Jingle" Bumper

2. Corran - "The Trials Begin" [City of the King]

3. virt - "light chase lab" [http://www.hellven.org]

4. Makke - Crazy Comets "Komet Non-Stop" [R:K:O #1471 / OC ReMix #936]

5. Jeremy Soule - "Introduction" [secret of Evermore OST]

6. Daknit, Bard of Tarot & Eric Dude - Resident Evil 2 "Lost Sanctuary" [OC ReMix #431]

7. zykO - "it's alright" [bipolar me]

8. The Wingless & Aurora - Super Metroid "Skin" [http://www.thewingless.com]

9. Jeremy Soule - "Greek Temple II" [secret of Evermore OST]

10. Red Omen - VG Frequency "Friendly Suggestion" Bumper

11. xerxes - "eclipsed" [http://www.hellven.org]

12. Quinn Fox - CastleVania 2 "Modern Problems" [VGMix2 #2383]

13. Blizihizake - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Set Sail" [VGMix2 #2361 / OC ReMix to-be-posted]

14. Jeremy Soule - "Pirate Theme" [secret of Evermore OST]

15. Dev - Dark Cloud 1 "La Saia's Resting Place" [OC ReMix #857]

16. E-Bison - Chrono Trigger "Time Management" [OC ReMix #998]

17. Nixdorux - Gargoyle's Quest "Gargoyle on Broadway" [VGMix2 # 2026 / OC ReMix #1248]

18. Jeremy Soule - "Horace" [secret of Evermore OSV]

19. Paige calls in and let's everyone know what it's like to date Larry, who's obviously cool because he listens to video game music, yet not as cool as Star Salzman, who actually makes music; Hey, who the hell is she dating anyway?

20. Unknown - VG Frequency "How Was That?" Bumper

21. Yuzo Koshiro f/The Shinsei Nihon Symphony Orchestra - "Birth of the People ~ Offering" [symphonic Suite from Actraiser]

22. Sound Team JDK f/Kentarou Haneda - "Chapter 1: Feena ~ First Step Towards Wars ~ Palace" [symphony Ys]

23. Jeremy Soule - "Dark Castle" [secret of Evermore OST]

24. Hideaki Kobayashi - "Tricktrack Part 2" [Phantasy Star Online: Songs of Ragol Odyssey OST]

25. Mustin f/William Reyes - Super Mario Kart "Racing Rainbow Road" [VGMix2 #2385]

26. zykO - "lethargic" [bipolar me]

27. Jeremy Soule - "White Castle Town" [secret of Evermore OST]

28. SgtRama - VG Frequency "Eat A Bumper" Bumper

29. Shnabubula - CastleVania: Harmony of Dissonance "Blood Descendant" [VGMix2 #2406]

30. Reuben Kee - Final Fantasy 8 "Another Successor" [VGMix2 #2405]

31. Star Salzman - Super Street Fighter 2 "Fei Longer" [VGMix2 #2387]

32. Jeremy Soule - "Greek Temple" [secret of Evermore OST]

33. Puffy64 - Zak McKracken & Commando "Zak MCommando Kracken" [R:K:O #631]

34. Jeremy Soule - "Menu" [secret of Evermore OSV]

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