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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

    • Yes
    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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Time to pimp two of the last shows.

VG FREQUENCY Show #81 and #82 - SATURDAY, 10pm EST

*nothing to mourn about yet!*

Here's a small overview of the most salient timezones for you.

Small World-Timetable

Los Angeles (CA, USA): 7:00pm
Calgary (Canada): 8:00pm
Chicago (Illinois): 9:00pm
Atlanta (GA, USA): 10:00pm
Rio de Janero (Brazil): 1:00am (*, Sunday)
Reykjavik (Iceland): 3:00am (Sunday)
London (England): 3:00am (Sunday)
Paris (France): 4:00am (Sunday)
Oslo (Norway): 4:00am (Sunday)
Germany: 4:00am (Sunday)
Kapstadt (South Aftrica): 5:00am (Sunday)
Helsinki (Finland): 5:00am (Sunday)
Moscow (Russia): 6:00am (Sunday)
Hong Kong (China): 11:00am (Sunday)
Tokyo (Japan): 12:00pm (Sunday, noon)
Sydney (Australia): 2:00pm (*, Sunday)

(*) currently observing daylight saving time (DST)

Have fun while listening to VGF#81 and VGF#82.

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Woe. VGF is the only thing that's kept me connected to the scene during the past six months.

I'll miss every aspect of you, Larry, except the aspect that acts in the capacity of a judge!

L - O - L! *rimshot*

JKJKJK! I love your judgework; I just had to get in one last one.

I'm sorry to see you go. You've provided an indispensible service to the community for so long now that I've come to take it for granted and, in light of that, you will be more missed than just about anything since McVaffe when you're gone.

Here's hoping to much success and prosperity in your new place of residencey. If it's really in the DC area I'm gonna come and give you a wedgie when you don't expect it, which, realistically, will be ever.

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The Place We Knew is because Larry's still waiting on Chrono Symphonic, and Crystal Potion is because he played it before when it was up on VGMix. Does that answer the question?

And... wtf, VGF is EARLY? Sounds like good timing because I just couldn't sleep X_x

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It's hard to remember, but I'm giving it a shot.

VGF81 -

* I came first to discuss my DoD and ORC tracks and discussing the concept behind the Popular Music Replacement Competition that's going on right now with FF6's "Terra", while at the same time still patronising Larry's pubefro and his donning of womens' underwear

* Arek the Absolute gives in more scope to Milkyway Wishes and ideas for his incoming Megaman X 1-3 project. Makes fun out of Larry's pubefro.

* Nineko calls in to mainly talk about his hacking exploit at OLR and why he did it, as well as deciding to start doing some serious work. Shares some Italian with the peers. Makes more fun out of Larry's pubefro.

VGF82 -

* Flik makes a return to the airwaves after so long to discuss what he's been doing all this time. Mainly spends most of his time over his fighting against the Flu recently.

* Joe Cam phonejacks Shael Riley, thinking Larry needs some comfort on the air before the music starts. Guess not?

* A mystery caller tries to imitate Shael. Because of no ID system, no one ever knew who the hell that was...

* Shael Riley comes on to mention the remastering of his Toybox album and how Disk Mastah Smokabitch and Hella-Tight MC Fukkaslut left the OLR remix panel, as well as submitting "What Key Are We In, Cutsman?" to said site.

* Geoffrey Taucer mentions a little about his musics and his turnout at the recent OCR meetups as well as the origins of his name and his irish whistle.

* Kevin "Lorenzo" Sisk comes on to start discussing how his track in the FLMC "The Eleven Day Journey" was established, as well as how he lost nearly 100lbs (!) on a recent weight loss plan.

* I'm too mashed to remember what chthonic and OverCoat had to say. Can someone help me out here?

I hope this kind of helps O.o

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Well if the plan doesn't change, next show is planned to be the long overdue "Chrono Symphonic" special. I just hope I have most of the stuff for the SE done till then, which would mean "exclusive footage".

Up to Larry however.

And seriously, Sephire:

You should write "I am not a merry man" into your sig. XD

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I came first ... discussing the concept behind the Popular Music Replacement Competition that's going on right now with FF6's "Terra"
I must have missed that part. Care to elaborate?

(also, Substitution, not Replacement, but whatever :P)

Ah, thanks. That's my fault for only getting 30 minutes of sleep or some crud that night. :P

Anyway, that topic lead on from our discussion behind the FFXI soundtrack (the game which spawned the source material for the Peoples Remix Competition 61), where most people were speculating great things. I actually read a few reviews on the soundtrack and they were thinking it weren't the same from Uematsu's style, of whom did a handful of tracks out of the entire score. Then most of the people in the chat started hating on him, which lead to Larry starting to hate on Terra, which lead us both to relieve on that track getting "substituted" in said compo and thinking of the possibilities that would come out of it. We both think stuff like Time Circuits and Ice Cap and stuff like that would be candidates for sources in the future; for us the possiblities were endless.

Ahaha, I think I rambled too much :oops:

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* I'm too mashed to remember what chthonic and OverCoat had to say. Can someone help me out here?

* chthonic called in, said "pubefro," and hung up.

* OverCoat discussed a variety of topics, including foshata, SoundTempest, upcoming remixes, and his need to develop Mustin-level song pimpage techniques.

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Okay because Larry doesn't answer my eMails, I do it in here:

:arrow: "Does Mr. Oji hold a "Chrono Symphonic Special" show this weekend or not?!"

I really need an answer on this, else I can't give you some bonus material! *duh - did you even contact Claado?!*


*I hate surprises! Something I don't need at the moment.*

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All I know is that he would do a CS special mid-week sometime (which now has to be between this Saturday's show and next Saturday's finale with the way we see it).

Also, if Larry sees this, TCK wants to call this week, so be sure to be on the lookout for a British number that isn't mine ;)

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