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OCR00209 - Legend of Zelda "The Music of My Groin"


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I came here just to post that I remember this song, I enjoy it (even if it's more for the memory of its existence than actually listening it) and that my life has been enriched by this song. I'm really glad that OCR didn't remove this song due to lack of arrangement or lack of quality or anything else like this, because this song really is a big part of the site's history.

Listening to someone play the new Zelda DS game as I type.

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I'll just call it what it is, it's a comedy thing and less of a serious music song obviously, and for that, well, that comes down to the listener's taste in humor. Personally, I've heard far too many songs like this to be bothered and I actually think it's funny (mostly because it hits the joke and then ends all within a minute). And still, I'll give credit where it's due: small issues on the first few notes aside (which actually sound more like a recording bug than the actually guitar to me), the guitar playing reminded me of some Stephan Lynch songs in it's quick acoustic style, and is still far better than I could ever do, so well done on that. Lyrics sounds like that old game where kids take a famous song and replace every other word with "butt" or something. It's funny, and it makes me smile, and sometimes, that's all you really need from a song. Plus, vocal dubs and chipmunk run-ins for the win!

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