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Mega Man 2 - Wily 1 -- For You - Vox Mix

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Very nice touch with take-in of the "acapella" yet still holding a beat in there.

Guitars? If you do put it in, don't let it overpower this song because right now you got a sort of balance placed in.

There's enough leftover for a bridge in which to accompany the guitars (if placed) but it will be a short one at that or I see it being dragged on.

This is really something I will like to see get polished to something finished.

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Awesome lyrics. Really. I was hesitant about the really long line regarding pens and prose but it worked well. I didn't mind the vibrato (i guess this term applies to vocals), it kept things interesting, especially during the acapella section.

This does leave me wanting more, though. It's probably the length of the acapella which is starving me of the beat/bass/stuff... your voice comes out pretty well throughout though, so I'm not at all disappointed. Not sure what I'm trying to say.. something like... "moar plz"?

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Okies, so I think I'm gonna officially start looking for someone to provide me with some guitar for the mix. Any interested parties, just let me know if you want in.

Been thinking of also adding some real bass lines to the chorus. Same as above, if your interested.

I don't really have access to getting these recorded locally, so I'm looking to the community to lend a hand.

Hope to hear back soon!


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Well, as I've mentioned before with your Sonic remix, I'd be glad to help. I just need to get my guitar gear from a friends house first.

If someone else hasn't already decided to help you, I'll let you know when I get my stuff and am ready to rock. :P

As for the actual track...impressive. God, I wish I could do this stuff. You, sir, make me jealous...as usual. xD

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Very nice, at first I was concerned that this source has been overused (kinda like Super Metroid's Red Brinstar area), but you've done something very unique, and I really think the vocals so far are great. Definitely different enough from The Megas' version (theirs is more rock) to stand on its own.

Be curious to see what else you come up with for this piece, I think this is going to be "one to watch" for a while.

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Okies, here's WIP 4!!! :D


A few changes. Some more Percussion added... found some Beat Box samples, So I've fleshed out the intro and the little bridge segments a bit. I've added some additional trancy pads to the chorus too.

It all sounds a lot clearer now. Also, added a build up after the second verse to lead into a key change for the last chorus. It's still missing some effects to make it really soar, but it'll get there. There will be a repeat of the chorus, followed by a little vocal adlib bit to lead it out. No outro yet. Also, I haven't recorded the vocals for the key change yet, so it's just instrumental at the moment. But I'll get around to recording them in the next couple of days, so watch this space.

Still missing a few things... my planned guitars and new bass line are not in there yet, so those will be coming in later updates. I've spaced out the mix ready for these additions, so it still sounds a bit starkers.


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Hmmm. The instrumental break is an interesting one at that. Have no idea what the guitars will be like when it's placed in though. There's a big question mark.

A bit of harmony in it but as it is there's just a little bone to be pick with the duration of the break. Could drop it down and when you do add back in the chorus for it, make sure it differs in delivery so as to add in a bit of a clamatic but smooth end.

Just to point out that you do have a restriction on submissions, so if you can't take in all of our points, try cut the fat.

Hope this helps ya out.

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If the collab with Dash Myoku falls out, I'm interested in possibly recording guitar and bass. I'm playing a lot of guitar, so I should be able to come up with something decent. The only problem is that my schedule is packed right now. But let me know if you're interested, if you think my playing would be suitable.

Click on my Myspace icon to hear my music. (My website, linked below, is offline until tomorrow or Friday).

Good luck in the meantime!

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OMFG! I am SERIOUSLY loving that instrumental section! :razz: Although I wouldn't play the original melody 4 times, it drags a bit. Twice would do...

But I really think you need to have the chorus in the song twice, like before.

You should simply add it on just after the Instumental section!

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