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When I looked at your description I was immediately reminded of the most recent advance wars game. I don't know how well that game went but I think this idea has some merit (not that you're trying to make a game). I liked your idea of nuclear radiation causing spontaneous "evolution". Pretty interesting.

You're thinking of Advance Wars - Days of Ruin though in that game it was more of a fucked up fate that the earth gets shitted all over by a global meteor shower rather than nukes hitting every thing on the planet. I enjoyed the game well enough :)!!

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"Have you never thought about how special the Pokéballs are? Have you never wondered how they came to be, or what they are truly capable of? Probably not. You, like most people, simply accept them as a convenient fact of life. That is understandable, I suppose; their significance is easily lost on one not familiar with the old sciences.

At their core, Pokéballs are devices that convert mass into pure energy and store it. That is remarkable enough in itself, but even more so is the fact that the transmutation is flawless. No mass is ever lost or corrupted during the process, and whatever is kept inside will always be reconstructed perfectly when it is released, no matter how long it has been stored.

They were, however, extremely dangerous when they were first created. There was nothing to stop someone from "capturing" an edifice, for example, or even another human being. To prevent this, a limitation was introduced. The balls were designed so that they would only initiate the capture process when they detected the brainwaves of wild animals. This way, the Pokéball's effect on living matter could be tested safely without any accidents or misuse occurring.

You may have wondered why the balls will not function on an unconscious Pokémon? This is why. The scope of the balls' detectors is limited, and they simply won't respond to the subdued brain activity of a creature that isn't awake and alert.

Then, of course, the war happened and the world was laid to ruin, before the full potential of the balls could ever be realised. Sooner or later, they were rediscovered and humanity was content to make use of them, but in all that time we never properly studied them.

I did. I knew that they were too important and too sophisticated to simply be treated like any other scavenged commodity. After much experimentation, I was eventually able to reverse-engineer the Pokéball and discover exactly how they are designed. I now know how to create them, and with so much of the old sciences lost to the war and the ravages of time, I am likely the only one in the world who does.

I admit that I owe much of this to luck. Had this magnificent cache of knowledge and technology not been so well-preserved, and had I not the good fortune to stumble across it in my travels, I would never have had the resources to perform this level of research.

Many would have been content to stop there, but I was not. I was determined to push the envelope, to discover just how much the Pokéball could be used to change our world for the better. With time, I was able to uncover two significant facts.

Firstly, the power of a ball increases exponentially with its size. You may even have suspected this yourself; so-called "Great Balls" and "Ultra Balls" are much more efficient at capturing the bigger and stronger varieties of Pokémon, despite being only slightly larger and heavier than a regular ball.

Secondly, the interior of the ball is designed so that whatever creature is inside can remain happy and docile. Did you know that? That is why Pokémon do not become aggressive or difficult to handle after being caged for so long; each ball contains an environment that is designed to maintain comfort and keep the mind pleasantly stimulated.

However, these environments are rather primitive; not rich or complex enough to satisfy a human for long. I sought to improve them; to make the world contained within the ball a perfect one, not just for Pokémon, but for all life.

Behold my greatest creation; the Master Ball.

This ball is the culmination of years of painstaking research, and the combined efforts of the world's most brilliant minds. It is large enough to effectively capture and hold the entire planet and all its inhabitants. Contained within...is paradise. A beautiful, lush, untainted world, free of pain and adversity.

Think about it. No more desperate scavenging for food. No more disease. No more radiation. In short, no more struggle to survive. I will literally erase all the troubles of the world with the touch of a button. I will create an eternal, perfect existence for everyone.

However, the ball is not fully complete yet. There is work yet to be done, materials yet to be recovered, and that is why I still need strong, capable trainers...much like yourself.

You have proven yourself to be an exceptionally talented and driven individual, especially for one so young. In the face of all your trials, you have triumphed at every turn. For this reason, it would be my honour to offer you a place in this great project of mine. When the world is finally saved, I promise you that everyone will know of the part you played, and the sacrifices you made to make the Master Ball a reality.

Will you accept this responsibility?"

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I don't know how, but let's do this shit. Too bad Nintendo would probably get mad at the creation of an actual video game... or maybe not. There's tons of Mario hacks and remakes out there, and a Metroid 2 remake project (or two). I'm both a programmer and an artist and would love to scratch both an RPG and a "weird setting" itch. Plus, being pokemon, the combat and "party management" would be simple. It could be made more complex of course, but it wouldn't take a whole lot.

But that's if anyone decides to go whole-hog with some video game thing. I'm still an artist and an aspiring writer of sorts though, so I can probably contribute no matter what is decided, if it's writing or pictures or what have you.

Archaeon, that plot-moving blurb you just wrote immediately got me thinking of what implications such a "master ball" might have, both positive and negative. As well as the sanity of the person working on it (I imagine it's a twisted Dr. Oak). I mean, how self-sustaining is it really? Would the rest of the world agree with being sucked into it? Isn't there other more general ways such an amazing technology could be reverse-engineered to help civilization rather than creating what basically sounds like human instrumentality in a can? All these things could be addressed and explored through the course of the plot as you meet various characters and get a feel for their problems and thoughts, regarding both this "master" plan (lololol) and other things. It could be amazing. I think you might be on to something here.

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