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You know what would be awesome?


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I'd be willing to help with programming, if I can, once it comes to that (in a few years). I think that's mostly why I, Mario failed (no programmers). Depends on what you want the game to be in the end though (2D, 3D, Source mod?)

You guys need serious dedication like the seemingly fanatical touhou community; especially when they've done things from

, rts,

Why not simply stick to making an awesome graphic novel/manga/comicbook with each chapter done by different artists to keep things surreal and interesting..? From different perspectives and leave it at that..?

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Wait, wait. Programming? When did we start talking about programming?

Even if I was putting this forward as an actual project that we should work on, I suspect that Nintendo would take a very dim view of anyone else squeezing the teats of their beloved cash cow.

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When I looked at your description I was immediately reminded of the most recent advance wars game. I don't know how well that game went but I think this idea has some merit (not that you're trying to make a game). I liked your idea of nuclear radiation causing spontaneous "evolution". Pretty interesting.

I haven't finished a pokemon game since red/blue, so this would be an interesting return to the series for me.

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