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Best rock-oriented game soundtrack...


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My vote goes to all out to DESCENT 2

part 1:


part 2:


part 3:


part 4:


I listen to the D2 cd-rom just like a regular Audio CD - never even played the game.

The music is a nice blend of various electronic styles and well... more FUCKING METAL.

It's like the extremely slick soundtrack to a postapocalyptic world filled with Mecha's and other robotic bad-assery. Real terminator vibe going on.

I love it! This is just top A-class music.

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F-Zero X, really :



Almost every track of this game kicks ass. I want to die every time I remember I sold it when I was younger :tomatoface:

Man..you reminded me of F-Zero GX. I had to import this because it's one of the best soundtracks to ever have come out of a Nintendo game. Quite up there with Mario Galaxy. The character theme songs were insanely good, and some of the stages had that catchy rock/techno mash-up the F-Zero series is known for.

Yup, another great rock soundtrack...and from Nintendo no less.

Definitely have to agree with Sakuraba's work. He's the best at what he does. Baten Kaitos is one of my favorite soundtracks, and the True Mirror Guitar Version definitely keeps you head-banging in battle.

Nice suggestions, people. Was surprised by Radiant Mythology 2. Those tracks are kick-ass. Did Sakuraba compose those? 'cause I think he went extreme there. His rock tracks aren't that hard, but those are "fucking metal" as some of you suggested.

I've grown fond of the soundtracks of recent Sonic games. Yeah, they're cheesy, but great stuff. Speaking of which, Sonic CD (US version) had an excellent rock-style soundtrack, don't you guys think? I think it was the first time I heard live instruments in a game soundtrack.

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If I'm the first person to mention Mega Man X, I'm going to be pissed.

Yes you are. How could've I forgotten about this series?

My personal highlights are X1, X3, X5, and X8. Yeah, X8 hard a surprisingly kick-ass rockin' soundtrack, possibly the most rock-oriented one out of them all.

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Thunder Force IV- Genesis synth-Metal baby.

Thunder Force V- The great synth-Metal continues on the Sega Saturn.

Lords of Thunder- A great rock soundtrack on the Sega CD.

Android Assault- Not as heavy as the LoT soundtrack, but it's still a good guitar-driven selection (Sega CD again).

DoDonPachi- Very nice rock tunes (Sega Saturn).

Broken Thunder: Project Thunder Force VI- No, not the God-awful PC "fan" game, but the album. It would have been the soundtrack to Thunder Force VI had Techno Soft not died off, and it's quite good.

Gate of Thunder- Another soundtrack that's not heavy, but it's still good guitar driven stuff from the PC Engine/TG-16.

Stellar Fire- Not the best Sega CD game out there, but it has great soundtrack.

The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin- A surprisingly nice rock soundtrack that frankly hits you out of nowhere given the game, and it's done in an 80s style.

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Anything with Yuzo Koshiro pretty much owns on all fronts. I'd like to argue any of the synth rock tracks in the Ys series pretty much dominate anything rock-oriented these days. Same would go for Streets of Rage.

I wouldn't play a new SoR if Koshiro's name wasn't tacked onto the sucker.

Also, Final Fantasy X had that neat little metal song on there that was pretty cool.

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