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As a matter of fact, I have all of Dustfungus' materials before Silent Hill Media became inoperative. Among these materials are the dialogue from the first three games, including some secret dialogue clips. However, as I've written in reviews of your WIPs, you are relying too much on audio effects and atmospheric materials in your work (at least in the past). In addition, I have a completely opposite stance as you in terms of what a "Silent Hill Remix" should be. Though, the majority of rearrangements have focused on the darker and gloomier aspects of the games, that is not the only way to approach it. I'd like to see much more liberal attempts at a remix as a whole. (Hey, even Akira Yamaoka took some pretty radical ideas when creating arrangements in the US version of the Silent Hill 4 soundtrack.)
That was a cool song, other than the clipping, i'm even using drum samples close to the ones in that song, and the clips where cool, but this is mostly how I wanted the remix to sound...some clips, then actual music, a nice beat and relaxing mood to them (mabye even with multiple genres in one song)...well we'll just have to see how the whole thing turns out.

(P.S:If you can email some of those voice samples to eazyp@hotmail.com thanks alot)

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Let me know what game you want them from. I'll go ahead and tell you that if you want dialogue from SH3, some tracks have the music still mixed in, because in SH3 (and SH4), Akira Yamaoka mixed in the music and dialogue on the same track (where as the first two games had sound effects, music and dialogue all on separate tracks). Therefore, only a few tracks are separate in themselves (ex. "Happy Birthday", "What Happened 17 Years Ago", "Toilet Humor").

So, if you want something in particular, let me know.

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Oh I'll take anything thats just voicals, preferably from SH1 & 2(Best games in the series), thanks for the help ^_^

I'll try to host some of the files temporarily on my site, but that will happen in the next day or two.

EDIT: I've uploaded a few files on my site (Links Removed). (It is angelfire, so please don't waste my bandwidth.) Let me know it helps.

P.S:I havent heard about the Silent Hill movie for a while...anything new happening in that department?

Well, since it's being requested, I'm going to provide both a Silent Hill Movie Update and an overall Silent Hill Movie Filming Progression. The update will basically cover the lastest in the news about the movie, while the filming progression will cover the progress from the day it was announced to pre-production to filming and production schedules. (It's surprising how open the film industry is if you know what to look for.) On with the show!

Silent Hill Movie Update:

If you remember from the Brantford news article I posted about the filming, you'll probably remember that filming was supposed to occur this week. However, production is behind schedule and only some partial sets have been constructed. According to moviesonline.ca, a fan of the series has managed to wander onto the filming site and captured a few snapshots of the set construction in downtown Brantford. The photos can be viewed off the moviesonline.ca site or from horror-movies.ca or colinasilenciosa.tk. (WARNING: Sites contain Spoilered Plot Synposis)

Movies Online Site:

Photos Article Page 1

Photos Article Page 2

Horror-Movies Site:

Photos Article Mirror

Colina Silenciosa Site:

Photos Article (Summary)

Silent Hill Movie Filming Progression:

This section, as stated above, will show all the major points along the film's production line as well as what the future prospects are before being released. Please note that some things may change as the filming progresses and some items may not be 100% accurate.

Announcement: The movie was first announced on September 18th, 2003 by Konami when they posted a flyer on their website. Up to that point rumors of a Silent Hill film had been spreading on the internet. Konami announces that Davis Films is the lucky production company assigned to the film. Producer Samuel Hadida chooses director Christophe Gans to direct it at the time of the announcement. No further details are revealed by Konami at the time.

Konami Official SH Film Announcement Flyer

SH Film Announcement Flyer - Silent Hill Heaven Mirror

Writing the Script: After the announcement of the Silent Hill movie, all public talk stopped, until Roger Avary began writing in his blog (online journal). According to Avary, Christophe Gans approached him asking him to write the script to the movie. Enthusiastically, Avary agreed. Later, when he writes the subject as the title of one of his entries, news breaks loose.

In his journal, Avary details that he will travel to Paris to work in Gans' office to create the script in cooperation with him. He writes about the process and the progression of the script the same way anyone else would in a journal, but does not say more that he can about the plot. The only information given to the public is that the script is being written and that it is inspired directly by the games (SH1 & SH2). He states that the script is written in three weeks, yet claims that he was only able to do so because Christophe Gans and Nicholas Boukhrief had created over a month's worth of material before Avary was added to the team.

Unfortunately, Roger Avary has locked all his previous entries in the archive, which can only be accessed by password. Therefore, the original entries can no longer be accessed directly; however, reproductions of the entries can be viewed from many movie and media online publications, such as those listed below.

Avary Journal Entry (09-20-2004) - Film Force Mirror

Avary Journal Entry (10-18-2004) - Movies Online Mirror

Avary Journal Entry (11-02-2004) - Movies Online Mirror

Publicity Photos of Roger Avary during the writing of the Silent Hill script

Pre-production Planning: After the completion of the script by Christophe Gans, Nicholas Boukhrief and Roger Avary, random hodge-podge information popped by about the details of the filming of the movie. Avary states which members of Davis Films will be working on the production as well as the primary filming location: Toronto. The production team is stated to have many people from the Matrix films working on technical issues while the budget is projected to be in the range of 50 million dollars. No really reliable information is given and producers are tight-lipped.

Silent Hill Movie Random Information - Movies Online

Avary Journal Entry (12-15-2004) - Insomniac Mania Mirror

Revealed Production Members

Producer - Andrew Mason

Production Designer - Carol Spier

Costumes - Wendy Partridge

Additional Costume Design - Patrick Tatopolous (Underworld, Pitch Black, Godzilla, Independence Day, etc.)

A Plot Revealed: In an attempt to cleverly reveal that he too is working on the Silent Hill film, Don Carmody posts the synopsis of the Silent Hill film on his site. The synopsis is derived entirely from the completed script that he received from Davis films shortly beforehand. In his enthusiasm for his new project, he posts the ending of the film in addition to the plot summary on February 15th, 2005. Immediately, the forum circles and online media publications begin spreading the word. Because of outcry and the small media storm created by this, Carmody removes the synopsis from his site. However, plently of word had been reached and the synopsis can be found in many articles (unmarked for spoilers, I might add).

Don Carmody's Silent Hill Page - Location of Original Synopsis

Silent Hill Movie Synopsis - Movies Online Mirror (Warning: Link Contains Film Spoilers)

In My Restless Dreams, I See That Town... Brantford, Ontario: Rumors of the movie's filming location were confirmed when a local news article listed street closings for the sleepy town of Brantford. Despite the normality of the article, it was surprisingly detailed in the intensions, schedule and parties involved in the creation of the Silent Hill film. It even went so far as to connect the film to its alias Centralia, the name under which the movie is registered for filming lots. As a result, many forum circles began to spread word of this additional filming spot rather quickly. Needless to say, pictures and surveying of the areas set to film in Brantford have traveled far across the internet. The most recent news being the pre-production sets mentioned/shown above.

Brantford Expositor Article - Silent Hill Filming Location

Brantford/Colborne Street Home Video (Requires Quicktime Player)

Other sets of photos can be found in previous Silent Hill Movie Updates in this forum, but I'm too tired to repost them here and they are still easily accessible. However, I will post some pictures just to keep you guys off my back. (These photos are too much like a making for a fan SH film, but are filmed at the corner of Queen St. and Brant Avenue. It even has photos of the streets at night.)

Corner of Queen St. and Brant Ave. - Colina Silenciosa

hooryou?: Pre-production has been placed so well that the only things left to do are finalize the cast and film the movie (as well as post-production duties). Problem is, filming is being delayed because Christophe Gans has not yet chosen the leads for this film. (What!?) Well, like what has been happening since the film's announcement, many people are playing the "Who'll be in the Silent Hill Movie" game to pass the time and put pressure on the producers to choose lead roles. All updates for the past few days have been centered around the projected cast for the film. Nothing official and continued guessing (and flaming) about who will play what roles.

From Avary's suggested teenage actress to Johnny Depp and Bill Pullman to Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity of the Matrix films) and "the blonde chick from Pitch Black" (Radha Mitchell), everyone's got a person in mind for the roles. So, pick any Silent Hill forum and discuss away about how Carla Gugino would be better suited to play Rose than anyone else, but don't waste your time talking about that here.

Silent Hill Film Bumped Back (Production Delay) - Movies Online Article

That's it for the Silent Hill Filming Progression. It's unlikely that anything else is going to be updated until the cast list is released. Filming details are likely to be keep as secret as possible and the trailer will only be released once filming is complete and/or post-production is finished. However, despite that, it still looks like we will see a late 2005 release for the movie (Halloween maybe?).

Silent Hill FMV Torrent:

Well, since Bit Torrent has caught on as fast alternative to downloading movies, a recent torrent for Silent Hill FMVs has surfaced on the net. The Pirate Bay is hosting a torrent file containing FMVs from all four games. The file is over 2 GB in size and seems to be reliable (though, I haven't tried it yet). However, please note that these files were taken from MaskRider's site and are being distributed as someone else's. So, it is likely that the site will be taken down if MaskRider objects. (I can't say which, since MaskRider no longer hosts those files on his site.) So, if you're looking to watch the SH movies without having to play the games over again, especially the endings, you lazy bums, check them out. (Warning: Videos contain Spoilers [like that needs to be said, but anyway...]). Please only download the files if you own the games.

Silent Hill Videos Torrent

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Whoo....As always ifrit, -excellent- information...

I do actually have something to add to that - several SH Movie Set pictures not featured in any of those links. I assume they're brand new, but revealed in the pictures are things such as Pete's Bowl o' Rama and Neely's Bar, which seem to actually be parts of the set. And they look VERY nice in my opinion. There's even garbage cans with a Silent Hill tourism logo on them, all rusted and derelict. A lot of small details, really.


And again ifrit, thank you for all the good info - I enjoy reading it thoroughly :)

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Okay, for some reason that website I just posted is actually asking me to register for an account to even see those links - I assume it does that for others, so I'll just post all the direct links to those pics here :)






























































Also, I happened to stumble across this:


Apparently the lead role in the movie is going to Radha Mitchell, as Rose. The mother in the movie I mean. Good choice, I think she was the mother in Man on Fire, among other things.

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The movie is going to suck.

Simply due to the fact that it's starring yet another generic female lead to scream in terror at all the opportune moments, so the audience knows what they're seeing is scary.


The Ring

The Grudge

That movie that just came out on DVD about dead kids


I'm sick and tired of Hollywood fucking toying with good properties like this. We don't need another horror movie with a scream-happy blonde girl running for her life.

Why the fuck can it not be Harry, Hollywood?

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Judge, have you ever seen her act? She's actually really good, and has never played one of those screaming blonde idiots before. It's not her style, at least from what I've seen...So as far as female leads go, they could have chosen much worse.

(Aw man, the Street Fighter movie...I have no idea why, even though it wasn't the best film ever, it...err....I dunno, I kinda enjoyed it)

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Judge, have you ever seen her act? She's actually really good, and has never played one of those screaming blonde idiots before. It's not her style, at least from what I've seen...So as far as female leads go, they could have chosen much worse.

(Aw man, the Street Fighter movie...I have no idea why, even though it wasn't the best film ever, it...err....I dunno, I kinda enjoyed it)

I don't give a fuck. The role has been done to death in other movies. It is now a stereotype; a cliche. Silent Hill needs as few horror movie cliches as possible.

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*rolls eyes* Just lighten up a bit ;) By this point, EVERYTHING is a Hollywood cliche - things can change. Not saying they will, but what can I say - it's still just a movie. Even if the movie sucks so badly it affects the global economy, we'll still have our games.

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Um, just to let ya know; Part 3 of No Escape is avalible for download.

As for my input on No Escape; for being a peice of fan work, it's alright. However, I get the feeling the main character knows more than he should in the begining... but it's still early to say anything like that.

Also, I'm gonna have to agree with with the vulgar Cat Frog of Justice. The Stereotype of a female horror survivor is rather annoying. It's not like Harry got away with the cliche "Surviving with young child and female romantic interest" in every ending (except one).

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Judge, have you ever seen her act? She's actually really good, and has never played one of those screaming blonde idiots before. It's not her style, at least from what I've seen...So as far as female leads go, they could have chosen much worse.

(Aw man, the Street Fighter movie...I have no idea why, even though it wasn't the best film ever, it...err....I dunno, I kinda enjoyed it)

I don't give a fuck. The role has been done to death in other movies. It is now a stereotype; a cliche. Silent Hill needs as few horror movie cliches as possible.

It's strange that even though this film is being produced by a French company in Canadian film lots by consent of a Japanese corporation, with only a handful of American people working on the film, makes this film "Hollywood-ized." Let's try to stay focused. Remember that this film is being made by very artistic people not as a commercial money-maker, but as a piece of art that pays tribute to the game series which inspired so many nightmares in so many people. Again, this movie is a psychological thriller (not in the full sense "horror"), the amount of cliches that appear in the film may not even be noticable. Konami approved the script and its production so far. The producers and director are working hard to ensure that the film is as good a tribute as it can be. (Remember that the filming schedule is behind because the cast has not been finalized. Had they just choosen anyone to play the parts, filming might have already been completed. Also, try to remember that this film is a reinterpretation of the first two games, not their film adaptations.)

Again, go to the film sections of the Silent Hill forums and discuss why the film should follow the first game much more closely, or why the current interpretation is not fitting to the series, or why you think it just plain sucks. But, don't waste your time doing that here. Don't expect the film to be the best thing ever and don't expect the film to be the worst thing ever. Take the film with a grain of salt and go play the Silent Hill: Play Novel.

Even if the movie sucks so badly it affects the global economy, we'll still have our games.

Until Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game destroys all hopes of SH every saving any face ever again.

Now that's just being stupid...

It's not likely that it will happen because Konami is being very careful with the Silent Hill license, so a game would only be produced by Team Silent. And as of right now, Team Silent is already working on SH5. So room to do a game adaptation of the film isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Also, if the film does become a success across the world and Konami does decide to release the rights to the film for a game, then it will likely only be to the right game company or most likely it will be made by Konami itself. However, since Konami already stated officially that a Silent Hill game will not appear on the PS2 or any current console, creating the game for the next generation of consoles would be too untimely for the film release. Besides, I'm not entirely sure where the rights lie with making a game adaptation of the SH film (but I'm guessing Konami). So, legalities might also prevent a company from making it into a game (which is actually a type of suck-age prevention).

Um, just to let ya know; Part 3 of No Escape is avalible for download.

As for my input on No Escape; for being a peice of fan work, it's alright. However, I get the feeling the main character knows more than he should in the begining... but it's still early to say anything like that.

Actually, Dr. Harvey's notes make a point to tell us that she believes Michael knows everything that is going on but refuses to accept it, because he is afraid to accept something he doesn't want to acknowledge. We should note that the story is told such that we are in the psychiatrist's perspective and that we don't know the whole picture, yet Michael does, in a sense. (Which is why the medical records pertaining to Michael and his wife are sealed, why the story is being told in three different locations, and why the story feels disjointed.)

The set up of the fan work is made into three parts: Michael's dreams (Misty Silent Hill), Michael's nightmares (Alternate Silent Hill) and Michael's connection to reality (Brookhaven Room). Michael feels awake and lucid in his dreams of Misty Silent Hill. He feels that there is where he is truly himself. This space represents the Ego or the perception of the self as a whole. In his nightmares of Alternate Silent Hill, Michael feels isolated, in pain and other primal emotions. This place represents his Id or subconscious. In between, lies his presence in the Brookhaven Examination Room where he speaks to Dr. Harvey. This space represents the Super-Ego or his sense of morality and intellect. It is here that Michael is being told to control his pain and to explain his ideas and philosophies. In his nightmares, he simply feels or restates what happens to him, he expresses no intellect or morality, because the subconscious has none. And in between, in his dreams, Michael sorts it all out.

Although there is a distinction in the places where Michael is at different points in the story, his perspection is blurred between the three. He doesn't really know where he is exactly. Similarly like when you are drunk or stoned and you can't really tell what is real and what your mind is creating. This blurring of worlds became highly apparent in part 3. However, remember that we are in the perspective of the doctor and have to sort out all of things Michael tells us. Still, Michael is sorting things out, too. It's just that he has all the pieces, while we have to pick them up as he goes along.

Personally, I think this fan work is incredible. Despite saying so little, the videos say so much. I could probably go on for volumes on simply the idea of the mind separated into Id, Ego and Super-Ego without even touching on many of the other philosophical and psychological ideas layered in the story. The creator really has a great grasp of his concepts and knows how to play them out. (However, they could be a little better defined for my purposes.) On a whole, the story is really captivating.

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Whoo...Just watched the 3rd part of that movie - and this guy's skill just improves with each episode he does. That's honestly gotta be the first time I've seen a Silent Hill fan fiction of any sort disturb me and actually make me WANT to see what happens next, just as the games do!

*waits for chapter 4* :)

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Even if the movie sucks so badly it affects the global economy, we'll still have our games.

Until Silent Hill: The Movie: The Game destroys all hopes of SH every saving any face ever again.

Now that's just being stupid...

It's not likely that it will happen because Konami is being very careful with the Silent Hill license, so a game would only be produced by Team Silent.

It was meant to be a bad joke...but what you said was correct anyways.

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So much news has happened this week that we need to have another...

Silent Hill Movie Update:

This weekend, the casting for the Silent Hill film was completed. Although from word-of-mouth from the production crew on Saturday (April 23, 2005), Radha Mitchell and Deborah Kara Unger were said to have been choosen to play the two female leads. Word became official on Monday (April 25, 2005) when filming began on the set in Brantford. (Warning: Articles contain NEW Film Spoilers)

Cast Revealed for Silent Hill Movie? - Brantford Expositor Article

Brantford Expositor Article - Newspaper Clipping

Cameras Roll on Silent Hill - Brantford Expositor Article

Movie Magic Brings Silent Hill to Life - Brantford Expositor Article

Filming Photos (April 25, 2005)

As the article mentions, you can find all the photos and images from the first few days of filming on the horror-movies.ca website. What you might also catch from the article is that filming will also occur in part of the offices at the Brantford Expositor, which explains why the newspaper was able to gain so much inside info on the film. Also, according to the press statement by Don Carmody, the title of the film will be reverted to Silent Hill for fan purposes after post-production.

Gallery Collection of SH Film Photos

Beyond film sets and technical issues in the film, the cast of the Silent Hill film has been FINALIZED (finally!). According to movieonline.ca the finalized cast list is:

Silent Hill Cast:


Radha Mitchell


Deborah Kara Undger


Sean Bean


Laurie Holden


Kim Coates


Tanya Allen

You may notice that I did not mention Daniella Canjura (a relatively unknown 14-year-old actress). The reason is that I've gotten crossed wires on who the young female lead (Sharon) is going to be. Other sources (colinasilenciosa.tk & Brantford Expositor) have pointed to Jodelle Ferland as the actress to play Sharon. I can't say for sure just yet, but I'll be checking my sources before I add something concrete. Another rumor surfacing about the film is the appearance of Angelina Jolie in the Silent Hill film. According to bloody-disgusting.com, the actress has been spotted on the set watching and waiting carefully and anxiously as the filming took place. Nothing more than her sighting on the film set has been announced.

Okay, for some reason that website I just posted is actually asking me to register for an account to even see those links - I assume it does that for others, so I'll just post all the direct links to those pics here

Those pictures that you posted have now been posted on the main page of the site and can be viewed in a much cleaner, user-friendly thumbnail form on Silent Hill Bloodflame.

Personally, I would be careful about reading the articles and news surrounding the film updates. I'm beginning to see the overall plot of the film coming together and I have mixed feelings about it. However, note that the movie takes place in West Virgina, USA during the 1970's. This is at least 20 years before the first game. I can't say for sure where everything fits in, but the movie seems to be taking place during the mysterious deaths that surround the construction of the tourist resort, before Alessa is born.

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With a lot of talk about the film relating too much to SH1, I think the time is right for me to post my theory of Silent Hill (1). Granted, I came up with this theory back in 2001 (Yes, almost two years after playing the game), so the storylines of SH3 and SH4 have not been accounted for in my theory. Although, I came to the same conclusions as President Evil (who wrote material for the Brady Games Strategy Guide) without reading the guide initially, I have to give him credit for publishing it first. (Legal and moral reasons)

Silent Hill 1 Spoilers

The basic idea is that Silent Hill 1 was the battleground for the struggle to gain the power of god. On opposite sides were Dahlia (masterminding the entire birthing of god and manipulation of the characters) and Alessa (a piece of Dahlia's puzzle who managed to slip out of Dahlia's grasp). Note that I will be beginning from the endings and moving backwards, though I will probably do some jumping in between. I'll try not to lose you.

Dahlia began by wishing to bring god into the world to bring salvation to the world (or really herself and the cult). She performed a ceremony to conceive god within another woman with the help of the doctors at Alchemilla Hospital, who were likely also involved in the cult. Blah, blah blah... Alessa burns in a fire.

When Cheryl returns to Silent Hill, Alessa's power is restored. In order to escape from Dahlia, she creates an alternate world to hide in. In this parallel dimension, she uses Cheryl's body to run and hide from Dahlia, since her real body is unable to. Realizing that Alessa is trying to escape with her dream, Dahlia tries to go after her, but Alessa's world is too ellusive to reach her. So, Dahlia consults the Gyromancy and recuits several people (those hanging in limbo) to find Alessa for her. Luckily for her, Harry happens to be looking for his lost daughter, the body in which the combined Alessa resides. Preying on his vulernability, she gives him the Flauros, a device that will capture Alessa and allow Dahlia to tap into her power. And so, unwittingly Harry becomes her tool.

Dahlia now has a fighting chance on the battleground for the power of god, because she has a pawn to do her bidding just as Alessa has monsters to do her's. However, the battle does not intensify until Harry finally confronts Alessa in the Amusement Park. Having moved past all of Alessa's forces, he uses the Flauros to capture her. Thinking he had the upper-hand, he tries to get what he wants from her: information about Cheryl. However, with Dahlia pulling the strings, Harry is unable to do so and then gets caught in the compression that tears apart Alessa's world (Nowhere). Yet, Alessa still has one last move before Dahlia says "Checkmate." The same pawn that Dahlia used to capture Alessa is the one who can free her from Dahlia and her own power. By killing the Incubator or Incubus, Harry destroys the world around him, this causes the Flauros to break it's spell, since it cannot confine Alessa to a space if space doesn't exist.Being free from Dahlia's trap, Alessa recreates her world in another dimension attempting to escape from Dahlia again. However, since Dahlia's real body is in the real world, the form in Alessa's world as well as the forms of the other characters is still preserved.

By killing god, Harry has meerly allowed Alessa to slip a little farther away from Dahlia, but Dahlia still persues Alessa. And in the New Fear modes, you revise your role as the pawn in the newly reset world. However, like Dahlia had been doing all along the first time, see prevented Harry from remembering anything that had happenned before. So, this struggle of persuit and escape will continue forever until one side admits defeat. Since Harry is playing on Dahlia's side, while the game plays on Alessa's side, you (the player) must make the choice to continue to keep playing the game ad infinitum, or to stop and let Alessa be. Realizing that the ultimate ending of the game depends on your real life choices made it one of the greatest realizations of my life. (Side note: I decided to quit playing the game and haven't played it for a long time.)

Now, despite the rather quick description of my theory, there are some more ideas that can be expanded on. Mainly, why Harry is a pawn, why Dahlia continues to persue Alessa and why the game resets itself. However, this theory completely falls apart when you factor in Silent Hill 3. The reason is that my theory makes the game infinitely long, leaving no room for a direct sequel. Since the sequel was made, my theory is wrong since the game is said to have a finite beginning and end. As much as I enjoy theories about the philisophical and metaphorical aspects of Silent Hill, I cannot standby it, despite the amount of time and effort I spent working on it. But, that's my personal opinion.

If you do happen to come across the Brady Games Strategy Guide for Silent Hill or you find the link to President Evil's threory, read it and let me know. It explains the ideas much more clearly and subjectively.

EDIT: Here, I found it on gamefaqs.com.

EDIT2: Also, check out the forums on President Evil's site: http://www.dark-legacy.org. He's a much better analytical thinker than I am and has some greater insite and theory into the games.

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Hmm...20 years before Silent Hill 1? I'd actually always assumed that Silent Hill 1 took place in the 70's, as every car you see as well as many references to pop culture found in the game are from that era....Right?

It seems to fit to me, but then again I haven't looked at the timeframe of the games as in-depth as you probably have ifrit. But then, what leads you to believe SH1 is 20 years after the movie? If that were true, then Cybil being in there wouldn't make much sense....I guess it's too early to say anything just yet.

EDIT: I read the post above this one, and.....oww...man, my head hurts now. I think I'll go and play Sesame Street ABC - nice and easy, with a nice ice pack on my forehead. (Very nice theories there :) )

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