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I don't think you guys mentioned it, but I found a mix (well not really) of Room of Angel by Knick Knack (Ya know, the girl that did Chibi Silent Hill 2 comic?).

All it really is, is her playing the piano and singing. But the thing is, she sings very well. Aside from that, she put in radio static, for added SH effect I guess.

If anyone's interest, I'll pass it to Ifirit to host it (since I have nowhere to put it).

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So I've been wondering whether or not I should pick up my stories again (or rather, start over on my stories since everything I had written for them seems to have vanished...not even searching the word cache reveals anything!)

I've got ideas for four or five, but nothing solid...so I think I'd be best if I take these ideas and condense them into one, maybe two stories.

As it stands there are three problems that I face...

1) Silent Hill is a predetermined cityscape. I can't say "Hey, there's a starbucks now" or whatever, because there quite clearly isn't. I was thinking of rectifying this by taking one of my own fictional towns and setting them there...but this would mean I'd need to write my own back-story, which I can't really do since most of the stuff I'd planned was based on the idea of a house burning down, a little girl dying, said girl taking revenge...y'know, Silent Hill fanfiction-y stuff.

2) I really don't have anything resembling faith in my story-writing ability. In my mind the scripts for my cartoon are pretty good, but that's because I can do whatever I want (I've sent the scripts for episodes 1, 2 and 3 to people and they thought they were great). When it comes to stories I just...lack confidence. I could probably get round this by using an assumed name on a writing group or something.

3) Writing my scripts is taking up a lot of time...I'm not getting very much done on them as it is (I've been writing since February and even though I've got pieces of scripts for ~50 episodes only two are totally finished) and distracting myself with something else would probably just get me frustrated.

I dunno. Words of advice and encouragement and help and not-STFUECKELZ would be welcome.

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So I have been doing some discussion...ing...and have come to a pretty nifty conclusion. I've taken allthe stories I have ideas for and condensed them into one story.

I wont be submitting the stuff in this thread...but I'll see if I can find some writing sites to submit to. If you find me and post some here then I'll let you know...Think of it as an excuse to do more reading ;)

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www.welcometosilenthill.com will open on Monday, December 5, 2005.
Where's my burrito? Where's my burrito?

I tried to access the site today, but for some reason, I couldn't get anything to appear, except for a little button for the volume (and a secret button for registering on the website). Possibly something to do with the requirement for Flashplayer 8. I'll try to figure it out later.

However, Silent Hill Resorts (remember them?) has recorded the flash introduction from the site and placed it on their website for downloading. Although not an official trailer as, I suspect, many people wanted, but it does make a nice teaser for the film. Anyway, to read more, check out their page and forums.

Silent Hill Resorts - "Silent Hill Movie 'Trailer'"

Silent Hill Film - "Teaser" (.mp4 file) [Megauploads Mirror]

Silent Hill Film - "Teaser" (.wmv file) [Megauploads Mirror]

Make sure that your players are as up too date as possible, because I've been having trouble viewing the teasers on older versions of Quicktime and Windows Media Player. If you guys have any other questions, let me know.

Also, I've been reading some of the non-Silent Hill-related forums about their thoughts on the upcoming film and of what I hear, many people (and gamers) have heard of the Silent Hill series, never played them, and are boardering on whether or not to go see it. This isn't simply isolated cases, this has occurred at 95+% of the forums I visited that had mentions of the Silent Hill film. So, make sure this film becomes successful by encouraging as many people to go see the film as possible. (But, be warned that by doing so, you will be aiding in creating masses of n00bs to the Silent Hill communities. So, my suggestion would be to follow Saotome's advise [Yea, Boogiepop Phantom!]: "Don't tell everyone at first, tell only those who can keep a secret, those people who hold darkness in their heart.") Seriously though, tell anyone you think would appreciate the film and encourage anyone who is "sitting on the fence" to go see it.


So I have been doing some discussion...ing...and have come to a pretty nifty conclusion. I've taken allthe stories I have ideas for and condensed them into one story.

I wont be submitting the stuff in this thread...but I'll see if I can find some writing sites to submit to. If you find me and post some here then I'll let you know...Think of it as an excuse to do more reading ;)

I was going to suggest that you take that route in creating a script, but it's important to remember a few things. Try to simplify items that need extensive amounts of explanation. Make sure to add descriptions of scenes and settings that can be used to voice things the characters would not say in context, but are things that the characters are aware of. (i.e. The imagery of the Red Pyramid Thing and it actions, along with the painting "Misty Day: remains of the Judgement," etc., which are used to convey James' sense of want for self-punishment, though he doesn't say as much.) To put it in other words, metaphors, man, metaphors.

Establish personal relationships between your characters through repeated encounters, excluding parents and married people, for which readers can make the assumption that a relationship has already been established. (Although, this hardly need be said). Even if a previous relationship has been establish before the story takes place, don't just state that X person knows Y person and then, attempt to explain the relationship or state it in the dialogue, i.e. "You know, ever since we met in the army two years ago, while I was drafted and you weren't, I knew we'd become friends" (Ugh). Leave the encounter for the audience to decifer for themselves whether or not the two know each other. And in doing so, let the characters act naturally, say if a confrontation is occuring, skip formalities and go straight into the argument, i.e. Douglas and Claudia's conversation in the amusement park - "What is it now?" "You lied to me...." Please note that there is a slight exception in my example, because the dialogue was simply reaffirming an statement that Douglas made earlier, which the player may have forgotten or doubted, "I was just hired to find you, that's all" & "I hired you to find the girl."

The relationships that you establish should be dependent on the previous encounters, i.e. James' shock, concern and hasitation toward Angela when meeting her in the Blue Creek apartments since she acted differently in the cemetary & his resulting attempts to sway her away from suicide, none of which he was not entirely serious about anyway, since he was more afraid than concerned. The feelings and perspections that the characters' have toward each other should carry over to the next conversation. And, first impressions are lasting impressions, meaning that what you say about a person when they are first introduced are often the things that will stay with the audience throughout the story.

Most importantly, a script is not a game. So, think differently about spacing, timing and obstacles. A transition in media means a transition in presentation. So, you wouldn't need to say,

Harry goes to Midwich Elementary, kills two monsters before finding the puzzle about the clock tower, so he finds the bottle of acid and pours it on the hand, all the while killing two more monsters and avoiding one....
Simply because, it's time-consuming, mis-representative of the series, and ultimately a waste of the readers' time. Instead focus on the goal or end result you want to accomplish.
Harry enters the elementary school, apprehensive about the increasing darkness and silence of the surroundings. As he steps into the hallway, erie, unearthly sounds emminate from further away, echoing down the corridor. He leans back against the wall, quietly praying to himself for the safety of his only daughter. Collecting his nerve, he leans forward and opens the door at across the hall, wandering deeper into the darkness.
Notice how it continually re-establish the mood and atmosphere of the game, while furthering the plot. Also, notice that I made sure to keep the character's mind focused on what he is seeking. Desires are huge factors in what motivates a character to do or not do something. Always keep in mind what a character wants, both the ultimate desires and the immediate ones.

And pretty much if you do that, the stories should be easier to write, require great amount of audience participation and, most importantly, remain loyal to the series. Good luck.

Oh, by the way, here's a couple of Silent Hill fan fictions that I particularly liked.

FanFiction.Net - "again" by Riona

FanFiction.Net - "Room 302 of the Past" by innocent passerby

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I still don't think the Red Pyramid Thing should be represented in this film, but it's presentation justifies it somewhat to myself. Also, because I don't think it will make another big-screen appearance. (Is it slinging a body around?)

Anyway, I suspect, based on the interviews with Sean Bean, that Christopher is suppose to incorporate James' story, while Rose incorporates Harry's. Who knows?

Besides, check out their gallery with lots and lots of new photos.

EDIT: Is that (Dun, dun duuuuuun) Lisa?

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Ifrit did you see the Pyramid Head stills from the trailer in SHResort? Looks neat.

Could someone send me this pic somehow? I can't access SHResort for some reason, and it's driving me crazy.

Okay, I've downloaded, zipped and uploaded all the image files from the website introduction (courtesy of Silent Hill Resorts). I'll post the mirrors below as well as links to the complete breakdown of the introduction as dissected by the staff at Silent Hill Resorts.

Silent Hill Resorts - Monster Images (.zip) [Megaupload Mirror]

Silent Hill Resorts - Red Pyramid Thing Images (.zip) [Megaupload Mirror]

Silent Hill Resorts - Additional Film Production Images (.zip) [Megaupload Mirror]

Silent Hill Resorts - Additional Film Stills (.zip) [Megaupload Mirror]

Please note that I kept the original file names for the stills of the Red Pyramid Thing, but that they are labeled inappropriately. In addition, the images labeled as the patient demon, also mislabeled (should be Lying Figure), might not actually be the Lying Figure, because it could be the Manniquin. Anyway, I made a mistake though, since I forgot to include two photos in the additional production images zip file. I'll just post them on my site in the images section. (EDIT: Actually, I'm too lazy to do it, so I'm just going to point you to the source for those two images. Thanks to Chud.com.)

The staff at SHR also slowed down and broke up each part of the trailer, so that you could clearly see what each section was displaying. (Personally, with exception to the Red Pyramid Thing video, I really didn't need to have it all broken down.)

Silent Hill Resorts - Complete Breakdown Videos

Silent Hill Resorts - Complete Breakdown Videos (.wmv/.zip) [Megaupload Mirror]

Silent Hill Resorts - Complete Breakdown Videos (.mp4/.zip) [Mageupload Mirror]

If you all are still having problems with the files, either update your viewers and/or complete a Windows or Macintosh update. Otherwise, I can't help you.

The trailer looked good and all, but I was more excited that they used music from the games.

If you haven't been paying attention, please read very carefully: Akira Yamaoka is confirmed as the musical director for the film and is going to compose all new music to fit this media. Yes, that means you won't have to wait until Silent Hill 5 to hear more of Akira Yamaoka's work. The music you heard in the introduction was simply a montage of Yamaoka's works that were simply substitutes until the first real trailer, which will more likely contain the new, original music.

No information has been posted so far about the film's official soundtrack, but I suspect, like many film soundtracks, you will be able to purchase it at any major music store after its release.

EDIT2: Dude, did you guys know that there is a Robbie costume available in OZ? I just saw it in the "tentou tr" trailer, appears at 8'37" (complete with rusty, steel pipe in hand). Man, I wish Konami would release that game in the US, because it looks like an awesome game anyway.

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