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Bionic Commando - Main Theme! (WIP 2)

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Edit :5 / 17 / 09 NEW VERSION

At last, the whole structure of the piece is finished. I still have to produce and mix everything sepatarately and add the effects, but this is somewhat closer to the finished version.

The high freqs were lowered. Anyways, here's the link to the wip


Hope you like it. Comments really appreciated



It's been a really really long time since i post something here :-D . This is an early version of my "Bionic Commando" main theme remix. Most of the synthesizers were made in the style of Simon Viklund's remix soundtrack (Bionic Commando Rearmed)

Im really excited about hearing your opinions. It was a hell of a job creating those crazy beats, and i wanna make sure this mix is worth to be finished :-P


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Actually you really made it sound like Viklund's remixes, that's great!

The drum work is sick, and the synths & bass are really cool.

Only complain for me is that the EQ is a little strong on the High frequencies.

You should absolutely finish this as:

1-it is very nice atm, while a little short.

2-we need more Bionic Commando luv around here.

Keep up the fine work!

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So would you look at this :P Seems like Revoredo is multigenre talented! This is sweet stuff man. I never doubted that you could lay down the drum work necessary to get a catchy beat going. Gritty and rough (in a good way) sounding! I like. I do agree though, the EQing in the high frequencies is slightly off, but it's already been said so I won't press on. Sweet!

btw, Bionic Commando? wiiiinnnnnnn

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Yeah, I liked this. Fun stuff. You should vary up the lead sound though, have another lead instrument alternate with it. It plays almost throughout the piece.


Yeah.. you're right. This piece feels a bit too homogeneous. A new lead would spice things up. Also, the equalization sounds terrible. Got to work on that.


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LOVE drum stutters 8), so hi five for those. *Hi-fives*

You should vary up the lead sound though, have another lead instrument alternate with it. It plays almost throughout the piece.

I agree. I kept wanting another instrument or soundscape to move through and wash out the mix for a moment then return us. Pads, sweeps/swells.... maybe even a stinger.

But over all this is moving in cool directions.

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Nice v2 John. Subtle but integral enhancements. I'm diggin' this!

Now for the crits:

-The background is kind of empty at the very begining. You could add some subtle napes in there.

-Agree that it could use a bit more boosting of the lead, maybe even add another lead melody.

-Seems like some parts are missing a whole range of low frequencies.

-The addition of ambient texture might help making the mix more meaty somehow.

The pros:

-Drum prod is really impressive, nearly impecable.

-The mix sounds very clean now.

Keep it up! Waiting for the next update.

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I've liked this one for some time, now. Sorry I didn't respond here - I didn't see you get this one up here. Not much else to say here, except I expect it to open up to a song with something that fills the soundscape more, but that's more a problem with my own perception than with the song.

Always liked it, and always find myself going back to it on my hard drive. Nice work.

You won't see this message at least until the middle of July, so... yeah, still feel like commenting on it.

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