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FF4 Project Listening Party! THIS SATURDAY!


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edit: so, i just double-posted unintentionally for the first time in like three years. durr.

I don't love you anymore now, Prophet. You slipped up, you dropped the ball, you totally fumbled it: you double-posted. I'm leaving you and taking the kids. You can keep the fine china.

Oh, and loved the paragraph rant on how Calcobrena wasn't what HE would have wanted in the track. "Level 99 is effective at bringing these emotions to the surface, and I’m giving full credit for that. But that’s not what I’d want from this piece! It’s supposed to be creepy circus music, right? What happened?" Oh well, I still respect that he took the time to listen and write his reactions. If it wasn't his style, then I hope other songs were.

To that end, I'm making "Rhymes with Elixer" my ringtone.

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I'm pretty sure djp is going to be bringing his laptop, so he'll be able to formalize all of the release online whenever he gets internet access at Otakon.

Releasing both IRL and online? ...that man must be from the future. ;-)

I'll be trying to put up an all-nighter, in order to enjoy the IRC listening party.

Got the feeling this will be of epic proportions.

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I'll post my logs later when I can turn on the computer downstairs. I wanted to thank everyone who made this listening party a success, despite any hiccups with the site, the links, or the IRC, it was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who did come over as well, and a big, fat apology to anyone who witnessed the drunk antics of my friends who showed up at the end. I can't apologize enough for that, but up til that point the party was amazing. Everyone's tracks and comments were awesome. It was really good to put names-to-faces for quite a few of you, and for those I was seeing again, it's always a pleasure.

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