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OCR SSF2T HD Remix Tournament


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Linkspast's idea is a good one. Even though more people here seem to have the 360 version, there appears to be enough people to merit a PS3 tourney as well.

I think it'd also be cool if DJP could give the winner(s) a place of honor for a while on the front page of the site.

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You need at least 8 people for a good tournament. I don't think there are 8 people on OCR with the PS3 version of HDR. Two people have posted thus far, and I know Dave has it, but besides that...?

Well, now there's 4 - perhaps a tournament for the PS3 version would be possible?

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I wonder if they have some sort of adapter or something to get the PS3 controller to work on 360...

They do not, hence all the dual-modded sticks. The main issue is the security chip required for 360 controllers which apparently even the HK market hasn't been able to crack..

From my understanding, it's actually fairly easy to mod a 360 madcatz stick (SE or TE) to work on both 360/PS3. All you need is ~$30 of parts and basic soldering skills. Going from a PS3 stick would require slightly more work, and hacking apart a wired 360 pad.

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Keep practicing, guys. Ranked matches online are better than nothing - just DON'T play against a computer, since that won't really help you get better. However, if you have any execution problems, practice in training. Make sure you can do all your moves and basic combos.

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zircon v Dyne

djpretzel v Bleck

BardicKnowledge v Jakesnke17

Bahamut v Flare4War

Arek v DusK

newt = seeded into second round vs. whoever finishes their matchup first.


I'd rather not have to do a seed but unfortunately, we have an odd number of people.

As for the PS3 tournament, unless we get more entries, its canceled :(


You can start your match at any time or date with your opponent. Remember, you must play with all default settings for a Player Match (speed 3, Remix mode, etc.) and the winner is determined by best 2 out of 3 MATCHES, each of which are determined by best 2 out of three ROUNDS. If any of this is confusing, just let me know.

Please post with the results of your match. Also, if you can, get some video!

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Bleck and I just did best 3 of 5 rounds, 3 of 5 matches. Does that still work? I mean, matches are VERY short.

Anyways, he rocked some nice Gief against my Fei for a couple rounds, and we switched things up w/ Sagat v. Ken, Cammy vs. Chun li, etc., I lost a couple rounds but won all the matches. So I advance? Do we just post results here?

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I guess it's fine if BOTH players want to do more matches, as long as you do at least the minimum #. Don't see a problem with people playing more :P The way you posted results here was good too. So, you're in round two now, and Bleck would be in the loser's bracket. Once we get some more results, we'll see what the next matchups are for both of you.

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