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OCR SSF2T HD Remix Tournament


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So... when does this round need to be done by? I'm heading for vacation in a few hours and wont be back until monday at some point- will have access to neither a 360 or steady internet during that time.

AFAIK, bardic will have a similar problem.

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Posting to remind zircon that I won my first round match against Jakesnke -- good matches all around!

Yeah, definitely a good set of matches, except for that lag. :-P

Hey Flare4War, just let me know when you're ready for the next round, also, I probably won't be able to get on in the next two days or so.

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I'm waiting on my new XBL Gold card from Amazon, and will be ready to play my matches after Labor Day weekend. Also got a nicer stick for my SE joystick, and it's frigging incredible. Choosing which height of air hurricane to do (juice kick or high air hurricane) adds a sweet set of maneuverability / tricks to my Ryu.

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Jake and I just matched up and it came down to the 9th round but I managed to win him.

We had a bunch of fun he seems like a pretty cool guy. Lets play again sometime Jake.

A few fun facts:

He and I are both named Jacob

He and I are both from Arizona

He and I are both left handed

He and I both favor zircon as our favorite remixer

He and I both use Ken

What the fuck Zircon... How'd you do that?

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