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How would YOU make this game?

The Legendary Zoltan

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What kind of game would you make if you only had one single location for it all to take place in?


This is a town (the first town) I made in RPG Maker XP. If you could only use this town, what kind of game would you make?

Rules: You can use the inside of the houses and any other structures, people, or items that you can imagine.

Now flaunt that creativity! I'm gonna think of one, too.

If the link doesn't work, you can see the picture in the last post on this page. Thanks, Inimitable.

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I would do a game in which you are travelling backwards in time and see the aftermath at the start of the game, (apocalyptic, or just someone getting mysteriously murdered) you see that he's murdered but you have to work the the clues backwards through time and try to solve out who did it, but more importantly how to prevent it. This works good for a single location because there's just enough places to look, and you'll probably be going back to places to re-examine scenes often.

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I had an idea some time ago that involved the main character being murdered right at the beginning of the game. Like, within the first few minutes. Basically, you play as the main character's spirit so to speak and your goal is to make sure the guy who murdered you is served justice so you can rest in peace. As a ghost, you can posses other people for a short period of time along with a great number of other abilities. Of course, when you first become a spectre, you don't have a grip on said abilities.

As far as the restrictions of just one town, I'd just say that a ghost cannot leave it's "haunting grounds" or something like that. This info would no doubt be given to you by some helpful phantom NPC who would act as your guide in learning your abilities. In some cases, combat may actually be combat, but in most instances, you'd get EXP by solving things, and assisting the police and detectives in some fashion. Certainly this has been done at some point before, but I feel like it might actually be pretty unique as far as RPGs go.

Also, the image isn't working for me either.

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Can't see it, but how would I make a game, using that premise? I'd certainly capitalize on the character development of each and every town person. It wouldn't be centered on battles, obviously, but more on realizing who everyone is, what their goals are, etc.

Then I'd make the protagonist an asshole that everyone hates, and center the story on how much he disrupts everyone's lives and such.

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The link isn't working, but I can sort of imagine.

Since it can only take place in a small rural town, there are many things you can do with the concept.

Maybe you can involve themes of isolation? I dunno, have it as a town with people who have seen little of the outside world. As for the main character, maybe he could've been found unconscious and heavily wounded outside of the town, and the people brought him in to keep him safe. Once you assume the role of the character, you have no choice but to reside in the village until your wounds heal. This will give heavy insight into the many character personalities of the game.

I guess you could go from there. I was sort of thinking a very hardcore religious setting with many dark secrets behind it. And you as the main character have nowhere else to go because of your physical state.

That's just one thought. I could come up with more!

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Sorry about the link guys. I got the same error screen. I repasted the link and retested it and it seems to work again. However, on the last post of the first page, Inimitable was kind enough to post the picture directly into his post. So please check that out. I mentioned that in an edit of the first post.

Nice ideas guys. I know this sounds cheesy, but at first, I was thinking of a game where you make everyone like you. Something not so far from a dating simulator. But, I have NO IDEA how I could make a game like that actually be fun in just one single town.

I got another idea after playing Elder Scrolls IV for the first time. We arrive at the village and everyone acts like bastards to one another. Hahaha. I haven't figured out why everyone hates each other or why our character would want to stay in such a town, but I think it would be neat to have everyone giving you quests that involve having you slander other neighbors. However, you would somehow in the middle of these slanderous plans you turn it around or quit in way that the person who employed you learns some kind of lesson. But they don't magically become nice after that. Instead, they can have stats for aspects of their personalites, like in Valkyrie Profile. You know, stats like "trustworthiness" or "paranoia". As the good stats go up and the bad ones go down . . . Something would . . . happen. Pretty rough idea but I like it.

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Any chance you could upload the source file? I might actually do something with this.

Yeah, I don't mind. I'm not selling this stuff or anything. Let me figure out how to do it...

Hmmm. Is this what you need?


It's only 10 bytes!

EDIT: That turned out to just be a text file. Can you tell me which files are required for you to play with it?

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Why don't you copy many times your town and make the 4 seasons or a past, present, future version ? xD

(yes, like Zelda Oracle Games)

I did something like on the Playstation RPG Maker (my first one ^^).

Juste because it's better to show to the player some variety... and not the same place again and again.

EDIT : Chipp, I have a free French version of RPG Maker XP (and VX <- I'm on this one actually), but I think it's illegal to give free links (RPG Maker isn't free) so I let you Google it (and link a English version too)

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TC, I charge 10% for consulting fees.

By reading this post you are agreeing to these terms.

Most of these ideas speak for themselves.

1) Hide and go seek

2) Who wants to marry a hundred-aire?

3) The Raker: Bard Sidashe (Bard's only dream is to become the world's greatest raker, but first he must beat Cyrus McGuff, the town bully and two-time county raking champ)

4) SimBurgular

5) Lemonaide stand - The Game!

6) Small village Gynecologist

7) Small village Proctologist

Eight) Billy Jaspers - Kid Arsonist!

9) Invasion of the Carnies!

10) Luther Irontongue - Medieval Tattoo Artist

11) Don't get me pregnant! - An after school videogame special

12) Get of my lawn! - A Crotchety Simulator (Play as the kids or the old coot)

13) Who cut the cheese? - A crime investigation game

14) Mudpie fight

15) Dare (you and your grade school buddies try to one up eachother with crazy dares and acts of vandalism)

16) Dig a hole to China - The Game

17) Pig-Racer!

Eighteen) You ever see that episode of the Twilight Zone with the kid who can control reality with his mind and holds an entire town hostage? Yeah, something like that where you're a villager trying to survive.

19) Rosie O'Donnell moves in

20) No more Zombies! (please)

21) Baby Jessica - The Game!

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Do we all remember this thread?

I didn't. Totally forgot about it until today, when it suddenly dawned on me in the middle of lunch that I said I'd put something together.

Introducing: Nameless.

Now, there are a few things I should point out. First, due to the troubles I had with accessing CHIPP's project data, I had to recreate his map simply by looking at the picture and estimating where everything was, so the village is more of a rough approximation than an exact copy.

Secondly, I pretty much threw this whole thing together today, so don't be surprised if there are any bugs. I've playtested it a few times, though, so unless you go out of your way to break it, you shouldn't encounter any trouble.

Thirdly, this is more of an experiment than an actual "game". It'll only take about ten minutes to finish, and the level of gameplay is minimal at best. What I'm interested in is seeing whether or not people get what I was going for with the project, and exactly how much they manage pick up on. Give it a try and let me know your thoughts. Once a few people have made their guesses, I'll post a full synopsis of what exactly is going on and why I designed things the way I did.

If nothing else, I did put some cool music in there, so you should download it if only for that.

That said, here are the controls and a hint:

Movement: Arrow Keys

Select/Confirm/OK/Etc.: Enter

Menu: Esc

Hint: Save every time you get the chance. I can almost guarantee you will not get through this without dying at least once.

EDIT: One additional note. While I think I did include everything in the file, you might have to download and install the RPG Maker XP runtime package before the game will work.

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Rules: You can use the inside of the houses and any other structures, people, or items that you can imagine.

Poltergeist attack the town and you must exorcise them from each residence. Each home has been distorted into themed dungeons on the inside. As each demon gets stronger, the illusions they create become more vast and convoluted (from a small dungeon, to a large world). Once each home has been bested, the town is ripped into their world for the final dungeon/task, accessed by the well in the center of town.

Adjust whimsical or horrific nature of the poltergeist to your and desired audience's liking.

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