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Jedi Knight Series Now $20 on Steam


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Jedi Outcast was pretty shitty until you turned on the g_realisticsabercombat 1 console command, and then the game became absolutely GOD tier.

srsly, fuck swinging a lightsaber and hitting enemies multiple times to kill them, realistic saber combat = 1 hit one kill dismemberment, even in most saber duels with minibosses and bosses. THAT shit was intense.

Also, some tremendously awesome memories of Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight multiplayer, mostly on that one map that takes place in a canyon with what seems to be a downed ship that you can go into, and a cliff area you can jump around in.

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Hah, I might be able to get on some games, assuming you can use existing copies of the game on steam. I used to play Jedi Outcast way too much.

haha wow

it sucks that back when i actually played it when it first came out i was on dial up so i always just played over a lan with one or two friends ive never actually played it online

and your copy will work fine its not played over steam this just makes owning it REALLY easy

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