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OverClocked After Dark - The Former Thread of Days of Yore

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I'll hack it so it will barely be able to contain the high epicity levels.


Yeah, I'm gonna stop saying that... :P

And what about OCAM? :D

Overclocked After Midnight...

Awww yeaa.

I think OverCocked After Midnight is funnier, considering how much cocking around the internet we did. I had to split early, I wuz getting tired.

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Tonight we watched TF2 Vids, Orochuban Ebichu, and discussed how furry certain furry pics were.


This one was determined to be 61.6% Furry, well below the 80% threshold where it becomes weird.

Tomorrow night we are watching Mega Pirhana together. So if you want to join in, you have to download it yourself.

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We calculated it's placement on the furometer last night, not tonight, Brush.

We'd better record the next OCAM with Mega Piranha. That one should be funny.


I am SO there. :) And bandwidth shouldn't be an issue as its sitting on my compy just waiting to be played.

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Cyril, look at that tagline!



Seriously? Maybe what went wrong is the fact that they're GIANT FUCKING PIRANHAS!

This should be laughable.

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OverClocked After Dark Essence of Lime Listening Party Sunday at 1800!!

So you guys want to do it at 6 PM EST? Stevo just said 5 or 6 and I randomly went with 5 without directly replying. I could go either way as long as we have a definite time.

Also, Brushfire, that joke...........that joke... My god. Excellent.

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