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OverClocked After Dark - The Former Thread of Days of Yore

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I'm actually going to start using that frigging Title field throughout the thread so that people can find when we ACTUALLY POST RELEVANT MATERIAL.

Oh, and some updates:

1) I'll be getting back on recreating all the old shownotes as soon as my brain allows it. They'll be posted on the new OCAD site at http://lemonsinseries.com/ocrab/

2) Unfortunately, there's another thing blocking that, on top of any other site-relevant updates I could possible do: it appears that the webhost has blocked my IP from accessing the site from home. So I can't make news posts (or log in to wordpress at all), nor can I upload files to our server. Hopefully there is a way around this, but I'll need Deven or David to talk to the host and get my address unblocked.

3) Pending that, Episode 31 - Nerdy Show is Haunting your Butt, is edited and done. Deven has a copy that he will hopefully upload to the server today and then David can make a post about it and update all the usual places. It's a long one: over 3 hours long this time. I guess we're making up for our lack of consistent updates these days with more material whenever we do update.

4) We're going to be getting to editing both the Anime Detour 2010 and SGC 2010 footage soon. Hope everyone's enjoying the MAGFest one in the mean-time.

5) We'll have the panel time for both the OCR and OCAD panels at Otakon shortly. Currently scheming about what we will be doing at OCAD.

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