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Not So Known Video Game Music


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In order from kinda known to not so known.

FFXI (MMO) is only known to those who have played. Amazing OST:

Good one, I love FFXI as much as anyone, even though I've been "done" with it for almost a year now. As FF soundtracks go it is probably one of the lesser known, but it certainly never disappointed, I would have to recommend anyone who decided to pass on the whole MMO thing (ie a lot of people) check it out!

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lost vikings 2: The Future.

lost vikings 2: Dark Ages.

x-men 2 - clone wars: the brood queen and her claws

Every single theme in sparkster (gens), pure gold.

tiny toon adventures: buster's hidden treasure: inside the caverns

tiny toon adventures: buster's hidden treasure: inside the volcano

tiny toon adventures: buster's hidden treasure: pirate ship

T2 the Arcade game: Mission 1


T2 the Arcade game: Mission 3


T2 the Arcade game: Mission 4


T2 the Arcade game: Mission 5 (can you resist the beat? I think not)


Gaiares: Mission 1


Gaiares: Mission 2


Gaiares: Mission 5


Gaiares: Mission 8


Gaiares: Ending (part 1)


pretty much everything in MDK

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I'm making a playlist on Youtube of not so known video game music. I have 15 right now.
I clicked on your link and I get a 404.

No wonder they are not so well known!

I needed to do that.

Resume discussion. I'll contribute Extreme-G for N64, and also DESCENT, the updated soundtrack available on the MAC version is phenomenal.

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I'm pleasantly surprised this thread has been revived. Level 99 and I have been trying to find more obscure/NSN game soundtracks since I last posted in here.

The most recent we found was a Capcom game for the NES called Mighty Final Fight. Some songs sound very Megaman-ish, and it starts with one very kickass


Wolfchild for the Genesis is now one of our favorite game soundtracks. The Wolfship with its nicely programmed whammy bar for the guitar made it an instant favorite. The soundtrack of the different ports are nowhere as good than the Genesis version.

Wonderboy II and III for the Sega Master System had very catchy songs.

Terminator for the Genesis had some very nice tracks, namely Holocaust. There's also a Sega CD version of this game, but I haven't gotten around to listening to the soundtrack. T2: The Arcade Game for Genesis had better music imo than the SNES version.

Speaking of arcade games, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs had a sweet arcade-only game made by Capcom with a lot of energetic music.

are just a few of the songs from the OST.

Back to the Genesis, Mega Bomberman had a few good songs, namely


Last game for this post: Baten Kaitos. This game has some of the best and worst things you could find in a game. Fortunately the music (by Motoi Sakuraba) is part of the former category, with songs like

(Guilty Gear-esque),


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I have a few indie game songs to link, just a few though.

From Marisa and Alice, a touhou Mario and Wario spin-off game.




and a weird song from An Untitled Story:


(I had to export through FL Studio since the whole soundtrack download is in midi.. so it may sound messed up at some points, but it's as close as you can get to the original.)

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Just going to put this here, but the Playonline Viewer's music. While anyone who played XI recognize the tune Dolphin-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZkVv4pJqNc

There are some other great ones on it.



is one of my favorites from it.

Dude, yes.... YES. Impeccable taste.

Guess what my BGM was for the entire 2 years I played... Space :)

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TiT is mostly overlooked musically? Not to sound like a prick, but in what dimension? :lol:

Whenever SNES games come up, it gets mentioned fairly quickly, and praised rather often, from everything I've seen over the years.

That may be true, but where's all the remixes of it?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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That may be true, but where's all the remixes of it?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

A game with no remixes does not always equal an unpopular or little known game, Kyle. You've been around here long enough to know this. It's a Turtles game, on the SNES. It's well known, as is its music. So why no remixes? Simple... no one's felt the need or inspiration to do them. Popularity only goes so far in deciding what will be remixed. A bigger part of that process is what sparks the idea in you... what makes you think "This would sound cool if I did this and that and those." Sometimes that spark comes from a song being on an old system with it's lower quality sound capabilities, sometimes it's because you can kind of hear the genre it's supposed to be in but want to enhance it or change the genre entirely, and sometimes it was just a song you really liked and wanted to tinker with. Of course, no one will hear anything around here if it's not up to OCR standards, will they? Or if the remix doesn't get done. Or, and this is from the old VGMix days, if they choose a different game because it's even more popular and sure to get more people to listen and submit reviews. There are 1,000 reasons why there aren't many TiT remixes, but it's soundtrack not being well known (especially around here) is not likely chief among them.

To me, Turtles in Time is a game that many like, but nearly no one's bothered to remix... kind of like Demon's Crest, Axelay, MechWarrior 2 and even Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. We all know the songs and enjoy them, but few ever say "You know what? I'm gonna remix that tune!" when they play the games. As such, TiT's one of the Susan Lucci's of the gaming world... always talked about, but rarely given that special extra bit of recognition.

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Okay, so I researched some and I've read that, "Article 6 of the 1991 EU Computer Programs Directive allows reverse engineering for the purposes of interoperability, but prohibits it for the purposes of creating a competing product, and also prohibits the public release of information obtained though reverse engineering of software."

Notice the last statement. It says that it's illegal to reverse engineer stuff if you intend to release the info, in this case the chiptunes, which are info, into the public.

So, I can't really justify my actions. I downloaded the chiptunes and used them to display the songs on the internet. The displaying of the songs may be fair use, but the way I obtained the songs is, in the end, not.

So, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to take down the songs because I wouldn't want people to take my stuff and reverse engineer it if I said not to. Even if I forgot, I would still like others to ask first.

But, that makes me ask myself, "Is there a chance that I could get permission from the copyright holders?" Does anyone know how likely this is? I remember that one guy wanted to make a mod for Unreal 3 that is basically a remake of Duke Nukem 3D, and he got permission from the copyright holder to do so.

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