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OCR01156 - Beatmania IIDX 7th Style "Kick Your A"

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Having SGX do a beatmania track almost seems unfair. It's already laid out to lend to his heavy electronic style well and he takes full advantage of that here. String stabs are contrasted with the distorted industrial beats and synths very effectively here. SGX again shows how well he pulls off various glitching and effects seemingly effortlessly, however, he also shows that he can pull a bit of classical strings effectively as well. I was really waiting for things to kick in and wasn't disappointed when 2:39 finally rolls around. Not much to criticize here at all, this is a great song to listen to and very well executed.

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0:41 always sounds like "RCX" instead of "SGX" to me. But that's about the only awkward bit I can note in this magnum opus.

Percussion crashes the party like no one's business and synths jitter and glisten like they're getting buzzed/high. Every flamboyant part of the source is kept, but they're built upon in ways to give them even more oomph. For example, instead of echoed-into silence, low orchestral hums lurk in the shadows as violin quips lead the way back into hyperdrive. Also, the piano's freestyle run is wild enough in the source, but here, preparatory chords and a REALLY fast tease help launch it into a world of its own (so much that it hits higher notes at 3:25). And if that wasn't enough, the mix halts to take a deep breath at 3:33... and BAM! More ownage.

Definitely a trip. Would take it intravenously.

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'A' is my number one favorite DDr song, and every time I see a machine and try to play it, I look for that song first to see if they have it. This mix is distinctly more slow paced arrangement wise, and at 5 minutes long, it'd be a super endurance run if the piano solo was any longer, but it breaks down to a really awesome swagger section, giving a new feel to the song. The synths are excellent, as usual, and the beats are really good.

I love the fusion of sounds, and it's a great, recognizable remix.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01156 - Beatmania IIDX 7th Style "Kick Your A"

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