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Leona Lewis in FF XIII OST? What do you think?


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well I haven't played the Romancing SaGa games yet because I can't read moonrunes yet.

Yeah I forgot I meant the first one which did see an English release on the Playstation 2. As for the second one, image related above, there's an English patch floating around the net; haven't taken the time to find it though.

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I'm late to this thread as well. How come the topic of the thread is not explained in either the title or the first post?

By reading the first page of posts, it sounds like Square is using that American song in the American release of Final Fantasy Something (I assume XIII) instead of some other song.

And what do I think about all this?

I don't think anyone will care. If you like the song, great. If you don't, there have been plenty of equally horrific pop songs used in pop games. I personally believe that you can't go wrong with Utada Hikaru for pop songs in games.

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Romancing SaGa 3 is *amazing*. I've played that game so many times... Saga Frontier is also win. Unlimited SaGa... I got for 16$ at Gamestop. Couldn't finish it, went back and was able to get 8$ back, used that money to buy a crappy Castlevania soundtrack, raged at the 10 minutes of 'bmm tss' coming out of my speakers, and never trusted a GameStop Employee again.


But back on topic! Neither song, English or Japanese, from FF13 appeals to me. I don't find either *hideous* by any means, but I've heard better. I didn't care for the song in FF12 either, and that's like... my favorite FF game. So *the song* in the game isn't the make or break deal for me. I can't get so upset over something that'll be in the game for like 5 minutes and that's it. XD

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[source : Wikipedia]

On November 13, 2009, it was announced that the song "My Hands," from British singer Leona Lewis' second album Echo, was chosen to replace Final Fantasy XIII's original theme song, "Kimi Ga Iru Kara," by Sayuri Sugawara for the game's North American and European release.


(FF XIII - International Trailer)

I'm pretty sure there has been a lot of debate among fans (among which I consider myself). Not only I will miss an oriental-flavored theme song (like FF X's powerful "Suteki Da Ne" or FF IV's emotive "Theme of Love"), but also I can't help but think "Geez', that tune is so out of place here". For me, this is an 80's-like commercial strategy, where Square-Enix tries to increase their product's appeal to the Western public reducing the japanese-culture-presence. Ironically, occidental gamers hooked to japanese games tend to like that. In my opinion, removing the original theme song cuts down the appeal, and not the other way around.

What are your thoughts about this?

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Oh we had a thread about this issue a while back.

Oh sh-. :banghead:

I think we settled that regardless of her presence, so long as the game is awesome we don't give a shit about her. Some saying she's about as out of place as a nerdy white guy at some DMX concert. (not sure of the exact wording.)

LOL. And yeah, i agree about the first thing. So... let's hope it is good.


Blasphemy and arse.

The "modernization" of the series (and in particular it's music) is what killed FFX-2. Trying to expand your fanbase by kicking it in the face is not going to work.

FF X-2 was an attemp to turn the drama of FF X into a 12-year-old-girl fashion show. I think the most common fan reaction to that game was "WTF?"

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