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OCR Meetup: Las Vegas, August 2010: **PICS PAGE 43-44**


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Great, I got Jeff Ball's info.

We have 23 people confirmed for this meetup. It is a meetup and not a convention or a festival with a set schedule, we are not going to be able to travel around as a group. The twitter idea is to keep people informed without having to call up 22 other people - If you are unable to use your cell, being an exception we will likely just have someone assigned to call your room to keep you informed of the whereabouts. The twitter page is also available if you browse to it on your iPad or other wireless device :) maybe you can set it up to email you alerts or make some noise for your scenario. Every meal will not be planned, only certain events on certain nights. We will be sending out twitters to let people know if something is up, and people are going places.

That said, the registration I've been collecting is to help us determine rides for specific events that we do plan. This is because some people would prefer not to be around drinking or gambling, and these people should be assigned to the same vehicles so that drivers don't have to go anywhere they don't want to. We will be planning to go to a park at some point to celebrate the multiple birthdays, and a rough schedule will be posted before the trip.

People will be waking up at different times and will be free to explore the city for several hours before we decide to meet up. I don't feel this is going to be the tightest of meetups, and one room will be too small to fit everyone in. It is likely we will be meeting in lobbies or at the destinations. When a couple people want to wander around in the casino across the street to gamble, we'll tweet/call about it and whoever wants to show up is free to.

Katie, Ashley and myself will be putting together a rough schedule which will be posted within the next couple of days. Hopefully everyone registered by August 1st (after midnight, guys!) since the trip is in only a couple of days. This will include rooming and riding information for everyone going, so that no one is in the dark. I will provide contact information (most people gave a cell #) to roommates and drivers.

If you have any suggestions about specific activities, such as restaurants or shows, or came across an awesome deal, let one of us know via IRC :)

Thanks guys!

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Search for shows between the dates we're staying and see if anything comes up you want to go to :) Most good shows are going to be $50+ but there are some cheaper comedy shows and such that people might be interested in, and we may be able to get coupons for shows once we arrive.

Please be advised that most "rewards clubs" that you sign up for will also offer free perks such as free slot play, show ticket discounts and food discounts. Last time we signed up for some free slot play ($10 or $20 i don't remember, it was at the Ellis Island) that let us cash out the money and keep it instantly. We might want to pick shows once we arrive, but that search will give you a good idea of what's available!

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Criss Angel, anyone? Or maybe a giant pizzeria for dinner. Cheaper and feeds lots.

Buca de Beppo has awesome pizza. It's only about a mile from the hotel, and my wife might have some extra coupons. I mentioned it in another post.

I didn't see anything about a giant outdoor barbecue either. The weather has been much less than brutal lately. Day time highs are only in the low 100's. That's about 10 degrees cooler than normal. Keep in mind there's basically no humidity, and we can bring some cold drinks or shade in the park.

If we schedule a barbecue I can cook up like 20 pounds of beef ribs. They take 2 days to marinade though. I make my own barbecue sauce and everything. If that ends up being too much work I could grill up some green chili cheese burgers and maybe some veggie burgers.

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I think the parks in Vegas look something like this



Our parks do actually have grass and trees, just not as many trees as some places. Here's a picture of Sunset park, which actually has a small lake.


I'm thinking like maybe sometime on Thursday for the barbecue. We could do the barbecue at Paradise Park: 4775 McLeod Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89121

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It's like, 41 degrees C (106 F) next week, you sure you want to go outside for extended periods of time?

It doesn't feel as hot as places with high humidity. Just be sure to wear high SPF sunscreen (especially if you're going to hang around the pool all day). You WILL get burnt if you're outside in the sun longer than 20-30 minutes without sunscreen. I checked weather.com and they forecasted like 102-ish for next week, so it's not that bad.

I figure a Thursday bbq would be best since everyone should be used to the absurd amount of sunshine by then. Just don't miss the bbq because your dumbass got sunburnt hanging out by the pool for too long! There will definitely be plenty of shade at the bbq. I'll bring an ice chest to the bbq, if somebody will get us some drinks.

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Dumbest question of the thread, but is there a Walmart? haha

There are lots of Wal-marts. You could have gone to walmart.com store locator. There are also Targets, K-Marts, and several malls. There is even a mall on the strip about 3 blocks from the hotel, The Fashion Show mall.

People actually live in Vegas. It's a fairly large city.

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I'm up to try a Thursday BBQ, but I'd have to know where, parks are okay but I can't really do any scouting around about it until we get there, and honestly after all this planning, maybe it would be easier if some of you locals stepped up to the plate on that. I don't really know exactly how everyone would feel about it by that time etc... If someone that lived there was offering a place for us to BBQ that'd be much different, much easier. We only have four cars from what I know, so fitting everyone in them, getting to our destination, etc. etc. etc. would be the biggest hassle... Which is why we opted to try to have the Birthday party close to the hotel.

So yeah, I'm up for it, but it's an "in the air" thing for me until I have more info.

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