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Has anyone here bought from Play-Asia?

Mr Azar

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Question: whenever something takes more than a few days to ship due to stock considerations (I am specifically looking at the 5-15 day option), is it just as reliable? Have you ever had to cancel an order that took more than two weeks to ship?

I have had multiple orders with them, and the fact that an OST not been in stock after I oredered has happened only once. After about a month the disc came back in stock and they sent it right out at no extra charge for shipping.

Also if you are wondering why the CDs are a bit more expensive than they would be if they were American made, there are two reasons.

1. They are imported, but it looks like Play-Asia sells them at just above costs.

2. If you actually have been to Japan, you would know that their prices are kinda rediculous. A CD that costs 12 bux here in America costs 20. Sometimes more. I have several Beatmania OSTs that I got in Japan and each of the were between 3500 and 4200 Yen (About 37-44 dollars.)

But yeah, Play-Asia is good.

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I have to agree with everyone else and also say that there's nothing wrong with Play-Asia. I've imported multiple games, figurines, DS accessories, etc from them and have received everything without any problems.

I have no prior knowledge to the 5 - 15 day shipping as I always select the fastest shipping method (I'm such an impatient person, haha).

To answer your question - Yes, I would recommend them.

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I guess I may as well just ask it here.

Has anyone had any experience buying anything off Glyde?

I have (used the $3 off kotaku coupon code, so with shipping I paid under 3 bucks). I'm still waiting for the book to come in, but searching and buying were easy as hell. It's supposed to get here the week of the 1st, and if I remember when it comes in I'll post here again.

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Not sure why the fuss against Play-Asia - it can take a while, because they're shipping from Japan :-? .

Yep, that was part of it (even to the extent where certain orders took one to two months) but there were other horror stories as well.

I used them a while ago to get the Biohazard Sound Chronicle Best Track Box, but not recently.

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