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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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Required update for Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source are now available. The specific changes include:

Source Engine ( TF2, DoD:S, CS:S )

- Fixed a crash on startup with some video drivers.

- Fixed a bug where the speaker config would be lost on Windows Vista / 7

- Fixed a case where alt-tab would stop rendering models.

- Made the 'X' that closes the achievements screen visible by default in 1280x720 resolution.

- Made disconnect messages wrap so they don't get truncated.

- Made kick / disconnect messages more legible.

(cropped CS:S changes)

Team Fortress 2

- Fixed a bug in the Steamworks stats reporting.

- Fixed the new Worms gear not playing the correct sound during the Equalizer taunt.

- Fixed map cycling so that the cycle now starts from the map selected by the user instead of going back to the first map.

- Fixed a memory leak in the dedicated server.

BLU, RED, and Highlander have been updated and restarted.


Holy crap, did they FINALLY fix it where players would go invisible on you at random when you alt-tabbed? Or was that just the fix for if you alt-tab the game sometimes never comes back?

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I think it's a common problem; happens every time I start up TF2. My internet completely dies and comes back after 5 minutes.

So I think I found the culprit. I had sourcemod and one of those automatic replay capturing mods installed. After I removed them, everything seems to be running peachy. (Other than the usual crappy internet we get here at the house.) I should check to see if there were new versions of that software that will fix my problems.

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Official notice to all members of Team 1: Invites have been sent out for the Steam group, but there have been issues with people actually receiving them. If an invite is not appearing, notify me, Chili, or Gamemaster.

Also, in an attempt to ward off the organizational issues that plagued the previous scrim, all team members will be made group admins so we can use it to schedule events without having to go through a few specific people.


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