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Final Fantasy 1 Album

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February 15th, 2011 (official cut off date)


1. Bonkers - The First Story (Prelude)

2. The Dual Dragons ft. Brandon Strader - The Beginning of a Legacy (Battle Scene)

3. Knight of the Round - The Power of Cornelia (Cornelia Castle)

4. Brandon Strader, Chernabogue - Requiem for a Dying World (Dead Music)

5. Josh Whelchel - Town Theme (Town)

6. Brandon Strader - Earthrise (Church / Main Theme)

7. NintenJoe64 ft. Brandon Strader - Kraken's Dismal Lament (Victory!)

8. AMT - The Crawl (Dungeon)

9. Bonkers - Roaming... Please Wait (Main Theme / Gurgu Volcano)

10. Benjamin Briggs - Just Passing Through (Town)

11. Brandon Strader ft. halc - The Crumbling Facade (Ruined Castle)

12. mithius, Brandon Strader - Sentient Machines (The Floating Castle)

13. Midgarian Sky - Secrets Abound (Matoya's Cave)

14. Brandon Strader - The White Rider (Airship)

15. blackguitar - Gurgling Desert Pond (Gurgu Volcano)

16. Brandon Strader - Omerta (Battle Scene)

17. TheoConfidor ft. Eric Golub - If I Could Sail the World (Ship)

18. Brandon Strader, Fernito - Dance of Descent (Medley)

19. M-H - The Caerulean Ruins (Chaos Temple)

20. blackguitar - Fierce Fairground Fight (Medley)

21. Knight of the Round, Brandon Strader - The Last Story (Ending Theme)

Artist: Edward Dennis

If you have friends who make great prog, please tell them about this project.

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Hey Brandon, i sent you a PM requesting the victory fanfare. :D

For examples of my work, click my NintenJoe banner below in my sig. It'll take you to my reverbnation page with my original album on there. Definitely check out Dead and Empty Silence.

Yeah, dude! I actually just heard your song that you had posted in the workshop, I think I commented on your DFH. I'll let you claim Victory. :-)

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Yeah, dude! I actually just heard your song that you had posted in the workshop, I think I commented on your DFH. I'll let you claim Victory. :-)

Thank you for that btw, :D

I've already got ideas and can't wait to get started on this. I usually work very steadily so i'll probably already have a WIP for ya in a couple days.

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I finally got some time to make music! You'll get my WiP today!

Mang did you not see what Bahamut said, you can't discuss WIPs here! ... There hasn't been any activity in this thread whatsoever after that warning he gave, which I found to be quite menacing. Best to tread lightly, sir! And this thread is only for recruitment. ;-)

Which I might as well mention, people technically can still sign on to do remixes. The only bar right now is that you've got to audition with a panel-passable piece of work.


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Hi. I have opened the recruitment for Bands. What this means, is that if you are part of a band that would be interested in creating a MEDLEY for the Final Fantasy 1 album, please let me know. You don't necessarily have to list every song you will use until you're sure of which ones you'll cover and the medley is done. That'll make it so you're not limited to what you pick now, and can be creative. :-P

To encourage you to get your band involved for a medley, there are currently 2 band medleys planned: Izkemia, an awesome prog band from Chile, and Rainwound, a prog band from USA. Blackguitar isn't a band but he's going to be counted as a medley anyway, though he is IN a band called LAUT.

So having said all of that, any prog bands feel free to claim a medley. It's too early to determine how long the album will be, but if we get a couple long medleys and long individual remixes, we may have to expand to 2 discs. Remember though, the size limit for MP3s on OCR is 8MiB. So if your medley is 16 minutes long.. well.. I don't think it would be postable. I'd have to get clarification on that from a mod. Thanks!

First WIP date this Thursday, folks!

Reminder: No WIP talk in this thread. Thanks!

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  • 1 month later...

We're opening up the following from the Dawn of Souls GBA remake. Hopefully there's more orchestral or metal to be had from the community. Please let me know. :-)

1. Church

2. Inside A Boss Battle

3. Boss Battle

4. Last Battle

Edit: If not, we'll accept other genres. Since it's the GBA OST. :-) Anything from the GBA OST that isn't listed is open too, just not listed.

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