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South Africa World Cup 2010!


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Man, usually my support of Argentina involves a bit of hoping against the odds. But this Cup it looks like they'll finally be able to pull it off! In 2006 it was also Germany who knocked them out in the Quarterfinals (and admittedly, Germany had a great team, then and now)--so the next match is definitely going to be tough. And thankfully the game's on Saturday, so I don't have to worry about skipping out on work to go watch.

If the final is Brazil vs. Argentina (as I'm hoping) and Argentina wins, it's gonna be fun rubbing it in the face of all my friends who're Brazil fans. KF

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I really don't think there should be any controversy about what Suárez did. He got the appropriate punishment from the referee, and it really is Gyan's own fault that he didn't shoot the PK in (PKs are like the closest thing to a guaranteed goal).

Suárez literally took one for the team, and knowingly made a hands ball to give his team a tiny chance to still win the match on penalty kicks, and somehow it worked out.

Blame the rules, not the player.

Unrelated but god tier save against brazil:


Edit: some more gifs!



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