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Nario's Ultimate Dance Pad Thread (Playing Super Mario Bros. 3 next!)


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I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 5).

I'm somewhat impressed-yet-disappointed with my performance here. I can usually get to 4-3 from 4-1 without getting hurt much, but I actually had some trouble here with a dance pad... maybe that's why.

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Nice work so far!

I fear that doing games this hard is less fun for you. If you're not having fun doing it, you're not likely to do it much longer. Next one should be a game you ACTUALLY can enjoy, as opposed to, "If I keep playing this, I'm going to need a new dance pad because this one unfortunately will be on fire."

My vote for next game is DuckTales. (Oo-WOO-oo!) It's much more fun and has hypnotically, trance-inducingly fun music throughout.


I went to feed my 3 cats the other day, and I suddenly caught myself saying, "Aaaaaand, FOOD!!"

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Dude, that's awesome. :-D I've also caught myself saying the same even when I'm not playing a game.

Unfortunately, DuckTales is harder on a dance pad than Ninja Gaiden. :-( I've given it a test before, and I couldn't believe it.

I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... WITH A DANCE PAD (Part 7).

And I hate it.

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I play Ninja Gaiden (NES)... ON A DANCE PAD (Part 9). The video you've all been waiting for! I have returned!

Also, this explains why I won't be making another dance pad video this week or the next week, and that I will be getting prepared for the next semester and MAGFest 9, all at once.

Oh, and I'm bringing my Wii and dance pad to MAGFest, just in case.

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