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I'm interested in getting into jazz. I've been a rocker dude all my life, but after I heard In the Beginning There Was Jazz by Shnabubula and LSD, I started getting interested in jazz, but I had no idea where to start. A few days later I heard that Hank Jones (of whom I've never heard) died, and he was a jazz pianist. So I checked out some of his work, and I like what I've been hearing so far. Also, I know it isn't straight up jazz, but I love me some Steely Dan ;-)

So, what are some good jazz bands you'd recommend I check out?

Thanks muchly!

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The First Circle has to be my favorite song ever. And it's been that way for probably 10+ years. The songs been around a while, so there are other groups that do the same song. It's always different, but if the group is any good, still awesome. (If you're familiar with DCI, Drum Corp International, find the Crossmen show from 1998. First Circle was their closer. Found the opener:


Anyway, so as not to turn this into a rambling on about Pat Matheny or DCI, I'll contribute something else:

If you are looking more at piano stuff, I'd suggest Claude Bolling. I don't know that he'd be strictly jazz, and I've seen him classified as ragtime. I have this CD:


and it is wonderful. The songs 'sound' slower, but keep up a nice pace, unlike what I find in a lot of slow jazz. This CD at least is all small groups or trios. The samples from Amazon are pretty indicative of the songs as a whole.

And welcome to jazz! There's so much variety!

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I like jazz, but I tend to enjoy the guitar oriented jazz and bebop/swing more than other types of jazz.

Seriously check out Larry Coryell and the Spaces Revisited album. That is simply fantastic guitar jazz there. George Benson is worth checking out as well as the great Wes Montgomery. That guy learned guitar at 19, played with his thumb, and had a pretty prolific, if short recording career.

If you want some more bebop/swing style, then check out Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw.

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I am somewhat of a Jazz Fanatic. I'll try to summarize my favorite Jazz here and provide youtube links.

Classic Piano Jazz

Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles

Vince Guraldi - It's Christmas Charlie Brown

Bill Evans - Waltz For Debbie

Classic Sax Jazz

John Coltrane - Giant Steps

John Coltrane - Blue Trane

John Coltrane - A love Supreme

Classic Guitar Jazz

Wes Montgomery -

Classic Organ Jazz

Jimmy Smith - Back at the Chicken Shack

New Jazz

Organissimo -

The Bad Plus - Give

Medeski, Martin, and Wood

Ok, it's getting to be a lot of work to link to youtube. I'll let you guys youtube the stuff after piano jazz. Enjoy!

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andrew's got it right. if you like sax jazz, trane's tracks are easily some of the best. parker's a little more uppity (bebop is generally a lot more uptempo, but his ballads are fantastic). if you want more jazz/rock fusion on the sax, breckers are the best.

bitches brew (miles davis, don't remember which iteration of it) is considered to be a seminal record in the field, crossing most of the boundaries that it doesn't break entirely.

if you're looking at piano only, guys like hancock, bill evans, and o-pete are always fantastic.

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