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Ye Olde Sig Shoppe - * sig requests* (read first post)


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1. Go to imageshack

2. Upload the picture

3. Get a direct link (sig.jpg or sig.gif, etc)

4. Go to your Profile. It's up there. It says profile.

5. Go down to where it says Signature

6. Put the url in there.

ie: wxw.imageshack.us/346425/21/sig.gif

7. put image tags around it: %7Boption%7D




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THANK YOU!!!! I love it! Thanks a lot...now i just gotta figure out how to use it!

No problem :D

You know what Lavant? I really like your style! Truely. Smile

Thanks and I'll try to help out as much as I can, so don't be scared to ask me for anything :)

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Hey Lavant, not trying to be greedy, but I showed a friend of mine the sig you made and now he wants one to. Would it be a problem if I asked you to make one for him?

If he/she joins the forums and makes a couple of posts (and not be a troll at the same time), then I probably will make him/her a sig.

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Just wondering if someone will make me a new sig? I like the one I currently have but I am looking for a change. I would do it myself however, I am lacking in those skills and I am not even sure I could make a stick person. So if anyone has the time to make me a new one that would be appreciated, and you can have free reign on how it's done. Just some things I like are: the colour purple, hentai or anime girls and maybe something to mention that I love Mahaboo.

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I guess I wouldn't mind having a real sig. Preferably something involving guitars and/or Xenogears and/or the Chrono series. I'm not picky, just something cool looking.

Here goes...


I kept it simple and smooth. Sorry if you wanted something more elaborated... 8)

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