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Ye Olde Sig Shoppe - * sig requests* (read first post)


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This sounds like a job FOR.....doulifee

because it's Naruto? :) ok give me a few minutes


The frenchie never ceases to amaze.

hi five

Arigato Gosaimas Arek

Arigatou Gozaimasu. WAY TO SPELL, NO SPELL.


Anyhoo, some feel like making me a sig? I was thinking Dokuro-chan [from the horrid, horrid series "Club-to-Death Angel Dokuro-Chan"]. Other than that, I don't have any specifics.

edit: actually, scratch that. use this pic I just found in the Angel/Catgirl thread. thanks.


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Do you like...ever sleep?

5 hours/night is enough for me

You make like every request here man. Go take a break you crazy kid.

i did once, it didn't turn well. -__-

Bed time. icon.gif

Heh, thanks.

Might I ask that you tweak the text a little? It's probably the font itself, but it looks a little rough to me. P'raps a different anti-alias? *shrug*

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I would like a signature with this picture please:


I would also like Link and Skull Kid in the background, and maybe the moon from Majora's Mask behind them. My name with a really cool font that fits the mood (dark and gloomy) of the sig. :wink:

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