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Mega Man Universe


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Hmm, this one's kind of wierd. Then again, I've always misunderstood Capcom's methods of reviving retro games (especially the switch from PS1 32-bit to 8-bit on the Wii for the original series while in other series, ony the eye candy gets better unless it's the Megaman Zero series). It's almost as if they stole Nintendo's proto-type idea of a game with Mario using Kirby's powers.

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Let's see... Mega Man series, Legends, Battle Network... Yep, that's three versions. I almost added in the X series and the remakes but they don't really count, do they?

X is pretty different from Megaman Classic so why not?

There's also Ugly American Megaman, Ryu, and Arthur so it's not just all Megamen

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