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Street Fighter x Tekken

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High five! But recent information is suggesting that the teams will either be Capcom or Namco. Supposedly you won't be able to mix n' match like on MvC or other vs. games.

Recent gameplay trailers prove this theory wrong, though (Gametrailers has more exclusive gameplay videos, if you're interested)

Damn, I'm so psyched for this game. I love both series (especially Tekken), and to see a game where the combat system is such a perfect mesh of both series, it's just... *droooool*

I can't wait to see who else will make the cut. I hear they plan to bring more Street Fighter characters besides the ones present in SSFIV, so here's hoping for R.Mika, Birdie, Alex, Hugo and Elena.

Also, we need info on Tekken x Street Fighter. I seriously can't see how are they going to make projectiles effective.

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The silence is killing me >=(

On a somewhat related note,


I srsly hope Ajurika does the Street Fighter X Tekken or Tekken X Street Fighter soundtrack because this is too epic.

Ajurika (Akitaka Tohyama) is doing Tekken X Street Fighter with Nobuyoshi "sanodg" Sano and Keiichi Okabe. I asked him a while ago actually. ;)

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Poison from Final Fight and other shit announced!!! OMFG. FINALLY He/she gets a shot in a Street Fighter game!!!! We got Chun Li, Yoshimitsu, Jin, and Cammy. Now if we just get Christie Monteiro from Tekken in there and if the music is done by whoever did SF 4 or the guy who did Tekkens 5 and 6, they will officially have made my dream fighting game.


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I agree with Arek. They went way too nuts with the shaders on the characters, and until they release info on characters I'm interested in like Sakura/Karin or Asuka/Lili(and yes I know they're kinda teased at, I'm not too interested.

Really? I dunno I found the shaders alright. I thought MVC3 went way more nuts with it but that's just me

I guess here's a comparison SFXT


I know MVC3 was supposed to look like a comic though.

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