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Change good games into your God-games

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Zelda WW with more land, enemy pirates, and the occasional actually cool character. And no frickin' miniblin.

And a _complete_ Hyrule under water, instead of just a couple of short dungeons. Man that bit where underwater Hyrule is revealed got my hopes up for a huge awesome game... but no.

...and maybe hinox and lynel and lizalfos and proper zora and enemy zora...

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I agree with everything you said. People's ideas are totally making this thread rock. And crazier customization = crazier good times.

off topic question:

Have you played any of the Armored Core games that are on PS3 (and I think XBOX also)? Because they tried to make it more accessable to new players this time around and I'm wondering if it's even still worth it for robot building maniacs like us?

You know, when I picked up my PS3 a few years ago I also got Armored Core 4. They did a lot of things right, the customization is fantastic. I mean, you can add counterweights to your mecha to make it lean a particular way if you're so inclined. There are a lot of parts, and a lot of cool touches in customization that are really robust, outshining the customization of all the older titles. Still, the game feels like it's missing something from a level design standpoint. Some of the missions feel like they could have been taken right from the original PlayStation game, but for the few that really stand out as unique, they're really special. Again, from a level design standpoint, another issue I have with Armored Core is how quickly (and awkwardly) many of the missions end. I love Armored Core, but a lot of times I wish it was a little more epic in the way it sets up its action. The game's action is great, but it just doesn't feel set up properly in the context of a plot, much less a reason to care about the game outside of just getting more money to customize your mecha.

THAT said, I haven't played the latest, For Answer, which looked super cool, and it a had coop mode too. If you haven't picked up either of the games, you definitely should. Pretty cheap now a days too.

And wasn't there an Armored Core 5 trailer that surfaced a while ago?

Ah, good times.

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Hell, a new Jet Set Radio on the 360 would be amazing. Why has this not happened ;_;

Fuck I forgot all about that game (probably because it stutters a ton on the 360). A reboot would be fantastic. Similarly I REALLY wish Okamiden was on the 360/PS3 instead of the DS, with better graphics and live orchestration on the music.

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I don't even think you need an interesting story for something like a Sonic game. Sonic 3 told a great story with minimal writing or cutscenes or ANYTHING really. And that story was as simple as "Robotnik is back taking Emeralds. Stop him."


I agree, all the new Sonic games without voice acting and over-embellished plots would be perfect.

As far as an already perfect game, I think the entire Katamari series is pretty much spotless. I don't know what they could possibly do to top awesome music and fun game play already. IMO.

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Super Metroid and Majora's Mask exactly as they are. Alternatively, I'd love Sonic Adventure 2 with just Sonic / Shadow levels and better level design. Also, Jet Set Radio Future with some bug fixes and more polish. Hell, a new Jet Set Radio on the 360 would be amazing. Why has this not happened ;_;

JSRF? PREACH! Well, with the SA2, I could deal with the shooter/treasure hunting, but either make it more interesting or get rid of it. No fullers.

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